Your Work Matters to God featuring Max Lucado

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At some point we all wonder how we can make our mark on the world. Jon thought he could best serve God in full time ministry, but God had other plans.

What is the difference between the "full-time ministry" Jon was looking for and the job he got? If he can minister effectively in his "secular" job, what does that say about you, or the members of your small group, in your daily work?
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Jesus saves us, but not just so we can experience eternity with him in heaven. God has specific things he wants all of us to do with our lives, while we are here on earth. Every moment of our lives matters to God. In this video, Max Lucado, best-selling author and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, helps us see God's perspective of our work.

Max asked, "Your career consumes half of your lifetime, shouldn’t it broadcast God?" How do you broadcast God in your work and in the workplace? How does knowing that your work is part of God's plan for your life change the way you approach your work?
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How can you guard against "workaholism"? What practical steps can you put in place to make sure you maintain a balanced life: work, church, family, God?
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