A Financial Secret featuring Max Lucado

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In today’s economy, there are many people struggling to find work. Let's listen to Brent's story. He's healthy, smart, and willing, but he still struggles to find work.

What responsibility do we, as Christians, have for those who find it difficult to get work? Is there anyone in your small group who is in need? How could you comfort, advise, or support them? How about those beyond your group?
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Whether it's dealing with the bad economy, losing a job, or being stuck in low-paying job, many today deal with financial difficulties. In this short clip, Max Lucado, author and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, shares the secret to happiness in any financial situation.

Max said that the secret to happiness in any financial situation is Christ: Christ who gives us strength. Is that what you expected? What would Christ's strength look like in Brent's situation? How about in your situation? What would relying on Christ's strength look like for people you lead?
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It's hard to trust God for all our financial and material needs. Read Matthew 6:25–34. What things are you worrying about that you need to surrender to God? Take a moment to pray ...

This teaching video is an excerpt from the Max on Life Bible study series. You can find the entire here.