Essential Parenting Principles featuring Max Lucado

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Michelle and Aaron were blessed with a strong spirited baby girl, named Ashton. Listen to the challenges they face raising her, and the questions they have about discipline.

From what you saw and heard in this video, do you think Michelle is doing something wrong? What advice would you give someone like her?
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Raising children is both a delight and a challenge. In this clip, Max Lucado, best-selling author and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, shares five well-balanced principles of biblical parenting that will help all parents through their parenting adventure.

Max had five pieces of parenting advice:
1) Be Careful.
2) Be Consistent.
3) Be Clear.
4) Be Compassionate.
5) Be Close.

Which area(s) comes easy for you? Which ones do you struggle with?
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Max identified two different types of misbehavior in children: oversights (misdemeanors) and rebellion (felonies). What's the difference? How should they be dealt with?
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Consider sharing these five parenting principles with the parents in the group you lead. They're bound to create lots of discussion. Don't rush through the discussion, but spend time encouraging others in their parenting journey. Few things in life are more important or rewarding as training up children to love and honor God.

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