Restoration After Adultery

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Roland and Cynthia had a pretty good marriage and were active in their local church. Neither one thought their marriage could be hit by adultery.

Roland and Cynthia didn't go into marriage thinking that they'd end up in this kind of trouble. How can couples stay ahead of the pressures that can slowly erode a marriage?
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Adultery is devastating and hurtful, but there is still hope. In this clip, Max Lucado, author and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, looks to Scripture and provides wise counsel for both parties struggling through the aftermath of adultery.

Max had three questions for the couple that was dealing with an affair.
  1. Have you failed your spouse? 
  2. Has your spouse failed you? 
  3. Have you failed yourself? 

Which do you think is more difficult: confessing your own sin, forgiving someone else, or dealing with your own guilt? Why?
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If you know a couple struggling through the aftermath of adultery, how can this training help you to encourage them? Pray for the couples you lead, that they will boldly resist yielding to the temptation of having an affair, and for grace for those struggling through the painful process of putting a marriage back together again.

This teaching video is an excerpt from the Max on Life Bible study series. You can find the entire series here