How to Deal with Conflict in Marriage featuring Max Lucado

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Todd and Lisa are a typical couple, trying to raise kids and make ends meet, but they have different opinions on how to get that done.

At the end of the video, Todd and Lisa say that they have figured out "what matters" and will just take it "one day at a time." Is resolving marital conflict as easy as figuring out what matters and taking it a day at a time? What have you found to be necessary factors to making marriage work?
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The divorce rate today suggests that marriage is anything but easy. In this clip, Max Lucado, best-selling author and pastor of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, shares five principles that can dramatically impact your marriage.

Max suggested 5 things that couples can do to strengthen their marriage.
1. Be Considerate.
2. Keep Courting.
3. Fight Fairly.
4. Lock the Escape Hatch.
5. Ask Christ to Place His Spirit Within You.
First, what does Max mean by "keep courting"? What are some ways that you have continued to court your spouse?
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Shouldn't Max have said that couples should stop fighting? Isn't it better to not fight at all? How is fighting different if the "escape hatch" is locked?
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How does faith in Christ help a marriage be stronger?
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Take some time this week to pray for your marriage (if you are married) and the marriages in your small group. How can you encourage your small group with what you've learned in this training session?

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