Dealing with Relational Conflict featuring Max Lucado

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Rob was dismissed from his job, which put his family in a very difficult financial situation. Watch and see how Rob and his wife responded to this difficult time, and what God did in their lives.

Conflict at work put a strain on Rob and Karen's relationship. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. God used this difficult situation to bring Rob to Himself and restore their marriage. But things don't always work out this way.

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The most typical response to conflict is anger. Anger directed either at the situation or at another person. Listen to Max Lucado, beloved author and pastor at Oaks Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, as he offers three practical steps to help you offer mercy to someone who has wronged you.

Max offered three practical steps that help us forgive someone who has wronged us and move toward healing relational conflict:
  1. Change your focus - focus more on God and less on the problem.
  2. Consider the other person's past - why are they behaving this way?
  3. Pray for that person - it's hard to be angry with someone you are praying for.

Is there someone or a situation in your life where you need to follow this advice? What can you do this week to pursue forgiveness and reconciliation?
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Consider how you might share this teaching with your small group this coming week. How can you be a living testimony to Matthew 5:7 and show mercy to someone this week?

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