God's Purpose in Pain featuring Max Lucado

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Jennifer has endured more hardship than many people ever will. Listen as she shares openly about how chronic illness has impacted her life, her family, and her faith.

Jennifer mentioned that well-intentioned Christians said some "cutting things, just insensitive things...even Bible verses." What do you think she meant when she said that Scripture could hurt sometimes? How would you comfort Jennifer?
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In dealing with the problem of pain and suffering, there are no easy answers. Listen to Max Lucado, prolific author and pastor of Oak Hills Church, as he challenges us to consider God's purpose and perspective in this difficult issue of human suffering.

Max doesn't try and give a simple answer to a difficult questions. Instead, he challenges us to think about our pain from God's perspective. He said, "what if this earth is the womb?" How does viewing this life in light of eternity change the way you view human suffering? How does it change your view of God? Do you think this explanation would help someone like Jennifer?
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Max concluded by saying, "Trust him and he will use these [troubles] for your character and he will use these struggles for his glory and someday it will make sense." Why is trusting God during difficult and painful times hard? How can you use this training to offer hope during adversity to someone in your church or community?
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Sometimes, the best thing you can do for someone in pain is to just be there for them. Maybe God is calling you this week to spend some time with someone you know who is in pain. You don't have to solve their issue, or offer a brilliant biblical reason for their troubles. Just be there, listen, and pray (out loud if they want, but if not, that's okay too).