The Worst Loss
The Worst Loss
The Worst Loss
1. Day Zero: The shock and pain of ... 19 MINS
2. Aftermath: What it feels like ... 16 MINS
3. One-of-a-Kind: The parents ... 8 MINS
4. Questions: A look at the ... 16 MINS
5. Please Don’t Try To Fix Me: The ... 16 MINS
6. Where is the Good?: Exploring ... 11 MINS

If the couple sitting next to you in church Sunday told you their son or daughter ended their life this past week, would you know what to say, or how to respond? Most wouldn’t.

Caring for others in pain is not just the job of pastors and counselors. The Worst Loss video curriculum is a six-part series designed to help anyone be better prepared to come alongside a family member, friend, or church member who has suffered the trauma of sudden loss.

6 films with real people and their real stories. From the Five Stone Media team and the LifeSupport initiative.

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