1. Family 23 MINS
2. Influence 24 MINS
3. Hope 17 MINS
4. “Turnipseed” narrative short ... 25 MINS
5. Power 21 MINS
6. Self Reliance 19 MINS
7. Second Chances 27 MINS
8. “Turnipseed Second Chance” ... 17 MINS
9. Loyalty 19 MINS
10. Do The Right Thing 23 MINS
11. Transformation 12 MINS
12. “Turnipseed Legacy” narrative ... 19 MINS

Lifeblood is an innovative video-based discussion group designed to bring hope, healing, and change for those affected by incarceration. Designed as a tool for ministry leaders to be better equipped to come alongside those who are incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, and their families. Each session introduces a theme through powerful storytelling of former inmates with shared experiences who have found total life transformation and successfully navigated the transition from incarceration. Lifeblood sessions provide participants opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences and to think differently about their lives in order to bring about real, actionable change. Hosted by John Turnipseed, a former gang leader and drug dealer, who spent many years behind bars, and has experienced true transformation through his relationship with Jesus.

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