YourLife: Financial Stewardship for Teens
YourLife: Financial Stewardship for Teens
YourLife: Financial Stewardship for Teens
1. God’s Role and Our Role 7 MINS
2. Budgeting Part 1 7 MINS
3. Budgeting Part 2 7 MINS
4. Financial Integrity 7 MINS
5. Your Financial Future 6 MINS

Crown’s new teen study is YourLife: Finding Success Through Stewardship. In this course, teens will learn how to be faithful stewards with their money. Lessons included are God's role vs. our role, budgeting, giving, financial integrity, and the importance of attitude. Each video-driven lesson consists of questions, thoughtful sessions, and daily action steps designed to bring true heart transformation to the student. With biblical wisdom and principles throughout each section, students are sure to learn what God has to say about money and how to practically apply His word to their lives.

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