The Marriage Remodel Howard and Danielle Taylor
The Marriage Remodel
The Marriage Remodel
Howard and Danielle Taylor
1. Assessment 29 MINS
2. Design 29 MINS
3. Demolition 29 MINS
4. Installation 29 MINS
5. Maintenance 29 MINS

This fulfilling and engaging five-week study by the authors of the acclaimed “Fundamentals of Marriage,” Howard and Danielle Taylor, is aimed at enhancing the marital bound between couples at varying stages of their marriage. The Marriage Remodel guides couples through a practical 5-step program, mirroring that of your favorite home remodel show, although upon completion it will be you’re marriage to be admired! Whether you’re looking to simply refresh a specific area of your marriage or you’re in need a complete marriage makeover, The Marriage Remodel program provides couples with an actionable blueprint for building the marriage of their dreams.

The Marriage Remodel series covers the following five essential steps to renovating a marriage:

1. Assessment

2. Design

3. Demolition

4. Installation

5. Maintenance

Marriage class and small group leaders can download The Marriage Remodel workbook at:

  The Marriage Remodel - Study Guide Digital Download
OTHER SERIES WITH Howard and Danielle Taylor
Howard and Danielle Taylor

Creating an extraordinary, lasting and fulfilling marriage is attainable. Everyone has advice, tips and hacks on how to make marriage work, but God’s formula is proven and has the highest success rate. Created by marriage coaches Howard & Danielle Taylor, this eleven session Bible Study will assist you in interpreting and putting into practice God’s formula for a successful relationship. These videos will help you connect, build and solidify your connection through:

  •    Utilizing effective communication techniques to voice your wants & needs
  •    Serving one another with your best intentions at heart
  •    Continuing to explore the hidden assets of your spouse
  •    Extending grace & healing through forgiveness even when it hurts
  •    Discovering the purpose for your marriage & how it impacts those around you
  •    Using intimacy to create a physical, spiritual & emotional euphoria
  •    Creating memorable experiences & traditions that generate an authentic friendship between you two

Please Note: This video series works best in conjunction with the workbook. A link to purchase the book is below.

1. You and I Why: Purpose in ... 29 MINS
2. Secret Stability: Spiritual ... 29 MINS
3. Forgiveness Factors 29 MINS
4. The Submission Cycle: Love and ... 29 MINS
5. We-lingual or Me-lingual: ... 29 MINS
6. Forever Friends 29 MINS
7. Money Matters: Finances and ... 29 MINS
8. Holistic Connection: Intimacy ... 29 MINS
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