TrueU: Does God Exist? Stephen Meyer
TrueU: Does God Exist?
TrueU: Does God Exist?
Stephen Meyer
1. Faith and Reason 29 MINS
2. The Big Bang Cosmology: "The ... 31 MINS
3. The Big Bang Cosmology, Part 2: ... 29 MINS
4. The Big Bang Cosmology, Part 3: ... 27 MINS
5. DNA by Design 28 MINS
6. DNA by Design, Part 2: "Doing ... 30 MINS
7. DNA by Design, Part 3: ... 29 MINS
8. The Return of the God ... 32 MINS
9. The Moral Necessity of Theism 24 MINS
10. The Moral Necessity of Theism, ... 31 MINS
11. Bonus: The Toughest Test In ... 45 MINS
"Do You Really Believe That What You Believe is Really Real?"

Does God Exist?

Can we prove the existence of God, or are we left to grapple in the dark and take blind leaps of faith about what we believe?

Everyone asks these questions, and maybe you think you have the answers. But can you defend your beliefs when peers and professors are challenging your worldview?

In TrueU: Does God Exist? Dr. Stephen Meyer plays a "philosophical survival game" pitting four worldviews against one another in the quest to decide which one gives the best answers. Dr. Meyer helps you examine the evidence and provides the tools needed to defend your faith and make it your own.


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