Faith Based Investing Rachel McDonough
Faith Based Investing
Faith Based Investing
Rachel McDonough
1. Introduction 5 MINS
2. The Gospel and Why it Matters 11 MINS
3. How the Bible Impacts Our View ... 12 MINS
4. Implications for the Christian ... 14 MINS
5. Major Industry Trends 10 MINS
6. The Case for Integrating Values ... 12 MINS
7. Different Forms of Faith-Driven ... 9 MINS
8. Ethical or Moral Screening of ... 9 MINS
9. Portfolio Construction 14 MINS
10. Overcoming Objections 10 MINS
11. Deepening Client Relationships 10 MINS

Have you ever wondered where the money you’re saving for retirement really goes? Do you want to align your investments with your faith convictions? Are you interested in having both financial returns and positive social impact from your investments?

Welcome to the Faith Based Investing video series. Whether you’re a Christian financial advisor or someone interested in learning more, this course will equip you to think about:

  • How the gospel shapes our view of business;
  • Implications for the Christian investor;
  • The case for integrating your values into your investments; and
  • How to assemble a portfolio that honors God and serves the world.

In this series, you’ll hear from leading financial advisors on how faith can and should shape your investing practices, whether you're working with clients who want to align their values with their investments or buying mutual funds for retirement.

Be sure to download the discussion guide and free e-book to accompany the course videos.

Faith Based Investing is created in partnership with Christian Investment Forum and Faith-Driven Investor.

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