Wives Who Thrive Workshop Danielle West
Wives Who Thrive Workshop
Wives Who Thrive Workshop
Danielle West
Wives Who Thrive Workshop 2 MINS
1. Wives Who Thrive Workshop™ ... 2 MINS
2. Lesson 1.4: What Did You Say? 3 MINS
3. Lesson 2.2: Emotional Overwhelm 4 MINS
4. Lesson 3.2: Draw Out Your ... 4 MINS
5. Lesson 4.2: Step 2: Hopes & ... 6 MINS

We accept coaches into almost every arena of our life … fitness, business, financial … yet we resist when it comes to our relationships. Why does it feel like a sign of failure to proactively seek out counseling and/or a mentor? My husband, Russ, and I have been on a journey to help break the stigma that only love will save the day. Certainly, love and prayers are foundational, but so are communication techniques that perhaps were never modeled for us growing up.

We’ve been in couples counseling for the life of our marriage (+18 years) and learning relational and communication techniques have certainly saved us from having a mediocre relationship or worse, living parallel lives.

Allow me to reduce the decades of lessons we’ve learned into days for you and your husband! This lite version of the workshop includes videos and pdfs you can work through together privately with your spouse.

The full version of the workshop includes additional video/pdf lessons for a couple to work through and the live Zoom Calls for Wives, which is why I’ve named it Wives Who Thrive Workshop™.

If you want to join a community of wives who are being intentional in their marriage, take the next step in signing up for the full workshop where you will have access to live zoom sessions every week. The Wives Who Thrive Workshop™ is a great place to build friendships with other wives and have your questions answered personally by me - a marriage mentor wanting to pay forward all the communication lessons we’ve learned on how to have a healthy marriage.


This link provides the opportunity to join the full version of the Wives Who Thrive Workshop™.

Lifetime Access.

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  Wives Who Thrive Workshop - Full Workshop
  Wives Who Thrive: Introduction Worksheet
  Lesson 1.4: What Did You Say
  Lesson 2.2: Emotional Overwhelm
  Lesson 3.2: Draw Out Your Genogram
  Lesson 4.2: Step 2: Hopes & Dreams
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