One Heart, Two Homes Jay and Tammy Daughtry
One Heart, Two Homes
One Heart, Two Homes
Jay and Tammy Daughtry
Overview 4 MINS
1. Intro 2 MINS
2. There is Hope! 35 MINS
3. Stable Parent, Stable Home 40 MINS
4. Managing Communication for ... 27 MINS
5. Parent Meetings and Handling ... 29 MINS
6. Risky Business: 6 Risks for ... 41 MINS
7. Navigating Holidays, Special ... 32 MINS
8. Tackling Critical Issues Before ... 35 MINS
9. Safety First! Abuse, Addiction, ... 44 MINS
10. Moving Forward in Dating and ... 43 MINS
11. The Long View: Co-Parenting ... 38 MINS

"One Heart, Two Homes" is designed to educate, encourage, and inspire Church Leaders, Counselors, Group Leaders, and Moms and Dads to understand and implement strategies to protect the hearts of children experiencing parental division after divorce and in stepfamilies. This resource has 31 lessons grouped into 10 classes featuring Tammy Daughtry, America’s Co-Parenting Strategist, and her husband Jay Daughtry, as well as 31 other guests who lend their voices, expertise, and life experience in support of the cause of raising whole and healthy children who do life in two separate homes.

Whether you are looking for a curriculum for home study, a small group, Sunday school, a stand-alone seminar, or for counseling, this is a flexible, user-friendly resource that is effective in a myriad of contexts. For those who have a passion for this work, we are offering an in-depth training at that will provide certification as a group facilitator or a full-fledged Co-Parenting Specialist.

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