Faith at Work Paul M. Neuberger
Faith at Work
Faith at Work
Paul M. Neuberger
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Crossing the Line … of the Cross at Work

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: Don’t mix religion and business.

Why? No one ever really explains. It’s assumed that being a follower of Christ is so divisive, so provocative, so disruptive, that one’s faith just has to stop at the office door.

Until now. A growing group of business leaders, all strong people of faith, are turning this longstanding notion on its head. They’re creating Christ-centric cultures in their organizations … and make no apologies for doing so.

Courageous? Yes. Controversial? Perhaps. These executives aren’t trying to call attention to themselves, though. They’re living their faith, and putting God’s guidance before the secular dictates of conventional wisdom.

Faith at Work explores the stories, and motivations, of business leaders who report only to Jesus. Many experienced major life struggles, and moments of despair, before picking up the cross. They’re flawed humans - just like the employees they lead, and everyone else who walks the earth.

Come along. Hear from those who actively blend faith and work. Take in their belief that business success is rooted in Scripture. You just might be convinced that, rather than work at religion, you should bring it to work instead.

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