Self Talk Karen Stubbs
Self Talk
Self Talk
Karen Stubbs
1. Not True 18 MINS
2. Not Enough 16 MINS
3. Not Happy 20 MINS
4. Not Alone 16 MINS
5. Not Guilty 18 MINS
6. Not Equipped 20 MINS

Speaker:   Karen Stubbs
Publisher:   Birds on a Wire - 2020
freedom, habits, lies, mom, moms, mother, motherhood, mothers, parent, parenting, parents, truths

You may or may not realize it, but you talk to yourself all the time. And what you say to yourself matters a great deal. In Self Talk, you'll discover strength and freedom for each day as you create new habits of Self talk based on biblical truth. In this study, we'll look at common Self Talk phrases, such as:

  • I'm not a good enough mom.
  • I'm not equipped to raise my children.
  • I'm selfish if I do something for myself.
  • I'm alone in all of this.
  • I'm doing something wrong if my kids aren't happy or succeeding.

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Speaker:   Karen Stubbs
Publisher:   Birds on a Wire - 2020
freedom, habits, lies, mom, moms, mother, motherhood, mothers, parent, parenting, parents, truths
Karen Stubbs

Las mamás desempeñan muchas funciones. Tienen que ser expertos en casi todo. Es mucha presión. Únete a Karen para una aventura de seis semanas que te inspirará y te animará como mamá.

1. Propósito 54 MINS
2. Límites 34 MINS
3. Gestión del tiempo 37 MINS
4. Ser estudiante de su hijo 35 MINS
5. Disciplina 54 MINS
6. Satisfacción 45 MINS
Greg and Karen Stubbs
Parenting Together is a five-part curriculum designed to help couples strengthen their marriages while also leading their families. Karen, founder of Birds on a Wire, partners with her husband of 32 years, Greg, to discuss and apply key lessons from their own parenting experiences. They reflect on the busy toddler years, challenging teenage years, and everything in between. Whether you're just starting your parenting journey or about to be empty nesters, Karen and Greg offer insight and encouragement for staying united as you parent together.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Growing Your Child's Character 22 MINS
2. Being United 20 MINS
3. Discipline 26 MINS
4. Keeping Your Marriage Strong 20 MINS
5. The Barometer of Marriage 25 MINS
The Six Truths of Motherhood is the brand-new Bible study by Birds on a Wire. In this six-lesson study, you will tackle some of the big challenges facing moms today like discipline, resentment, identity, and family values. You can successfully navigate culture, parent your children, and still find time for you. The Six Truths of Motherhood will help you go from surviving to thriving.
1. Session One 34 MINS
2. Session Two 36 MINS
3. Session Three 28 MINS
4. Session Four 34 MINS
5. Session Five 21 MINS
6. Session Six 23 MINS
Karen Stubbs
Moms play many roles. They have to be experts in just about everything. It's a lot of pressure. Join Karen for a six-week adventure that will inspire and encourage you as a mom.
1. Purpose 40 MINS
2. Boundaries 34 MINS
3. Time Management 37 MINS
4. Being a Student of Your Child 35 MINS
5. Discipline 54 MINS
6. Contentment 45 MINS
Karen Stubbs
Moms want a guarantee, but in life there are no guarantees. You can do everything “right” as a mom, but in the end your child may choose a different path than what you had wanted for them. So, what are we to do as moms? Make it Count can help guide you and help you gain the right perspective for this crazy, wonderful journey of motherhood. I say journey because that is what it is- it is 18 years of training. My prayer for you is that you will realize the importance of your role as a mom. There is no other job that has such a huge potential to impact the future- you are raising the next generation. What a powerful, significant job God has given to you! I also pray that you will realize you cannot do this job on your own, but you will need the help, direction, and love of a Heavenly Father who loves you, and your children...immeasurably.
1. Influence - Leverage your ... 24 MINS
2. Model - Have your say match ... 18 MINS
3. Guide - Seek to guide not ... 24 MINS
4. Equip - Equip with truth 26 MINS
5. Remain - Know and depend on God 18 MINS
6. Pray - Rely on prayer 24 MINS
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