Father's House
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Father’s House, written by Karen McAdams and Rachel Faulkner Brown, is a life-changing journey to encounter the heart of Father God for His daughters. After leading hundreds of women through this study, Karen and Rachel were encouraged to put the study into print so that women everywhere can experience the freedom that they have found through an encounter with His lavish love.

Father’s House is perfect for you if:

  • You have knowledge about Father God but lack an encounter or experience with Him.
  • You feel stuck, bored or just tired of trying so hard to make the Christian life work.
  • You believe there is more to the abundant life but you’re not experiencing it.

In this study, we are going to:

  • Explore your personal journey and how it has shaped your beliefs and impacted your heart.
  • Deconstruct the lies you have believed and discover a new blueprint of Truth that leads to freedom, healing and abundance.
  • Discover your true identity as a daughter and the relationship you can have with your Heavenly Papa that empowers a different kind of life - an adventurously expectant life!

Join hands with Karen and Rachel as we journey together to Father’s House. Your seat at His table is waiting! See the welcome mat at Papa’s front door? It simply reads, “It is Finished”. Together, let’s discover exactly what is finished so you can live the adventurously expectant life your Father has prepared for you!

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