Bound for Glory R.C. Sproul Jr.
Bound for Glory
Bound for Glory
R.C. Sproul Jr.
1. Introduction: A Father and Son ... 21 MINS
2. The Family Plan 25 MINS
3. The Family's Chief End 25 MINS
4. The Role of the Covenant ... 25 MINS
5. The Role of the Covenant Wife 25 MINS
6. The Role of the Covenant Child 24 MINS
7. The Church Family 24 MINS
8. Questions and Answers (Part 1) 23 MINS
9. Questions and Answers (Part 2) 20 MINS
As he examines the roles of fathers, mothers, and children, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. addresses the mission of the covenant family in the church and world. Also, in three special sessions, Dr. Sproul Sr. and Dr. Sproul Jr. discuss what it means for a family to be in covenant.  
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All people experience suffering and sorrow, yet our responses to suffering often vary widely. As we grapple with the hardships and sorrows that accompany life in this fallen world, it is crucial that we build our understanding of human suffering and divine sovereignty on the firm foundation of Scripture. In this powerful 12-part teaching series, Dr. R.C. Sproul Jr. shares poignant stories from his own life as he presents important scriptural teachings about God's role in human suffering.
1. God in the Wasteland 23 MINS
2. "I Create Calamity" 23 MINS
3. Better than I Deserve 23 MINS
4. Job 23 MINS
5. The Man Born Blind 23 MINS
6. Paul's Thorn in the Flesh 23 MINS
7. Living with the Mystery 23 MINS
8. Being Like Jesus 23 MINS
9. Mourning and Dancing 22 MINS
10. The Tears of God 22 MINS
11. Our Union with Christ 23 MINS
12. Wounds in Heaven 24 MINS
R.C. Sproul Jr.
Everybody talks about it. The news is full of it. But most Christians know very little about it. Economics: it's everywhere, influencing everything, yet so rarely understood.

Economics for Everybody seeks to remedy that through an insightful and entertaining exploration of the principles, practices, and consequences of economics. Thoroughly unconventional, it links entrepreneurship with lemonade, cartoons with markets, and Charlie Chaplin with supply and demand. It's funny, clever, profound and instructive.

If you want to know why economics is so important to understand, this is the series for you. In our day and age, it's a message every Christian needs to hear.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. And God Created Economics: ... 15 MINS
2. The Economic Problem of Sin: ... 19 MINS
3. The Path from Work to Wealth: ... 21 MINS
4. The Route From Scarcity to ... 20 MINS
5. The Role of the Entrepreneur: ... 17 MINS
6. A Tale of Two Theologies (Part ... 24 MINS
7. A Tale of Two Theologies (Part ... 18 MINS
8. Government Intervention: Basic ... 19 MINS
9. The Two Mysteries of Monetary ... 28 MINS
10. The Welfare & Corporate States ... 23 MINS
11. Economics Has Consequences: The ... 26 MINS
12. Kingdom Economics 15 MINS
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