Spark a Revolution David Salyers
Spark a Revolution
Spark a Revolution
David Salyers
Trailer 1 MIN
1. The Power of Perspective 7 MINS
2. The Upside of the Current ... 12 MINS
3. Building a Remarkable Culture 10 MINS
4. Brand Strategy 101 8 MINS
5. A Marketer’s Biggest Dilemma, ... 10 MINS
6. A Marketer’s Biggest Dilemma, ... 11 MINS
7. Creating Raving Fans, Part 1 9 MINS
8. Creating Raving Fans, Part 2 12 MINS
Chick-fil-A has created a world-renowned culture and brand that has not only attracted millions of customers, but also thousands of employees eager to be members of their organization. But the culture of Chick-fil-A didn’t start as legendary. It took many years to clarify their purpose, adjust to times of crisis, and seek innovation for Chick-fil-A to set themselves apart in the fast-food industry. In this eight-session series, David Salyers, one of the original two marketing executives at Chick-fil-A, gives a behind-the-scenes view of how Chick-fil-A became an iconic brand. David will challenge you to embrace a new perspective on business and your organization to inspire change and propel your organization to new heights.
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Speaker:   David Salyers
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2021
brand, business, company, culture, leader, leadership, marketing, organization, purpose
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