The Splendour of God's Holiness Sunder Krishnan
The Splendour of God's Holiness
The Splendour of God's Holiness
Sunder Krishnan
1. Getting Worship Right 43 MINS
2. Holy! Holy! Holy! 39 MINS
3. Repentance 35 MINS
4. Holy Marriage 41 MINS
5. Living Sacrifices 38 MINS
6. Holy Offerings 40 MINS

Speaker:   Sunder Krishnan
Publisher:   Sunder Krishnan - 2020
doctrine, holiness, holy

Several years ago, a Godly, accomplished young worship leader of a mega church asked me what “holiness” meant. While I was glad to oblige, I was also saddened by the fact that someone evidently passionate about his faith and gifted enough to lead Gods people n worship did not have a handle on holiness. Frankly, I cannot be too hard on him for I was in the same boat for many years after my initial decision to follow Jesus. Maybe that is the way it is with you too. Yet we are repeatedly exalted in the Scriptures to worship God in the splendour of his holiness. This series of messages will help you understand how holy is an adjective that is intended to cover all aspects of our life with God – holy worship, holy offerings, holy marriage, holy work, holy bodies etc.

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Speaker:   Sunder Krishnan
Publisher:   Sunder Krishnan - 2020
doctrine, holiness, holy
Sunder Krishnan

The glory of Jesus is the supreme motivation for our entire life of discipleship. And as author and pastor John Piper has so consistently demonstrated, our pursuit of Jesus glory is ultimately the same as the pursuit of our joy. It is interesting that the very first miracle that Jesus did in Cana of Galilee was at one and the same time a demonstration of his glory and of his ability to bring joy when it had run out. Perhaps no single book in the Bible exalts the multifaceted glories of Jesus as the Epistle to the Hebrews. This series of 8 messages invites us to Consider Jesus – think deeply and reverently upon His person and His work. 

1. Jesus - God's Final Revelation 33 MINS
2. The Danger of Drift 34 MINS
3. Jesus is Greater than Moses 35 MINS
4. The Rest of God 36 MINS
5. Jesus Our Great High Priest 35 MINS
6. Jesus Our Intercessor 35 MINS
7. The Blood of the Covenant 35 MINS
8. The Author and Perfecter of ... 40 MINS
Sunder Krishnan

When the Apollo 13 moon landing got into trouble and the mission had to be aborted, a key player turned out to be Ken—an astronaut who was supposed to be on the trip but couldn’t make it because of health concerns. To prevent his colleagues from literally being lost forever in outer space, Ken had to get into a simulator at mission control centre in Houston, working almost 12 hours at a stretch to develop a reentry strategy. At one point, the mission commander asked Ken, "do you need a break". I will never forget his response; it sent the proverbial shivers down my spine when I heard it while watching the movie Apollo 13. He said "if they don't get a break, I don't". Immediately my mind went to the many international workers from our church who were lost, not in the outer darkness of space but in its spiritual equivalent, seeking to bring home the lost among the nations. I was convicted afresh that we, the “senders”, needed to take our place in the simulator— praying, giving, refreshing and encouraging the “goers”— as active partners with the same mentality “if they don’t get a break I don’t”. This series of messages will get us moving in this direction 

1. Join the Conversation 37 MINS
2. Defying Gravity 35 MINS
3. Just Who are the Nations, ... 36 MINS
4. His Worth, Our Passion 38 MINS
Sunder Krishnan

Most of you are familiar with the proverbial frog in the kettle syndrome. If you throw a frog into boiling water it will leap out; whereas if you put the same frog into cold water and heat it gradually, the frog, completely unaware of what is happening around it, will remain in the water until it dies. Our cultures function in exactly the same way--- gradually infecting our thinking and our values to the point where our behavior becomes almost indistinguishable from the predominant culture around us. These illusions serve as useful tools in the hands of our arch enemy Satan to seduce us as he did our original parents in the garden of Eden. This sermon series examines several prevalent illusions of our culture

1. Innocence 35 MINS
2. Affluence 33 MINS
3. Freedom 37 MINS
4. Insignificance 41 MINS
5. Independence 39 MINS
6. Immortality 36 MINS
Sunder Krishnan

Jesus said that “apart from Him we can do nothing”. I wonder whether we, His followers, have ever felt the full force of the word “nothing”. And to the extent we do, we will pray, as individuals and as churches. So throughout my 36 years of preaching in one local church, I called the people ( myself above all) to pray, in private and together. These are a few of the literally dozens of messages on prayer that it was my privilege to prepare, preach and practice.

1. Call to Intercession 37 MINS
2. Inauthentic Worship 38 MINS
3. Praying for the Persecuted ... 44 MINS
4. Call to Solemn Assembly: Part 1 39 MINS
5. Call to Solemn Assembly: Part 2 39 MINS
Sunder Krishnan

Imagine a drama group meeting for its first rehearsal. The play is in 5 acts. What you think the director of the project would say to a potential actor who announces that he would only be coming to rehearsals for Act 4 because that is the only act in which he plays a part. He will be given the choice of departing immediately or committing to all the rehearsals for the entire play. You see, it is only by getting a firm grip on what happens in Acts 1-3 and what follows in Act 5 that the individual participating in Act 4 can spot the right cues and play his or her part adequately. Wrenched from the whole story, he is likely to miss many cues, spoil the impact of what preceded and mess up what follows. While this is self-evident when it comes to dramas, it seems many Christians approach the Scriptures in the same way. They are more or less familiar with the Gospels and have their favourite epistles and some key stories of the old Testament; but they have absolutely no sense of the whole story and so miss their use in life. This series of 5 messages walks us through the great drama of Scripture so that we respond wisely and appropriately as followers of Jesus —carrying on the heritage of those who went before us and leaving a worthwhile legacy for those who come after

1. Creation 39 MINS
2. The Fall 40 MINS
3. Israel 39 MINS
4. Jesus 48 MINS
5. The New Creation 36 MINS

Spacecraft are usually equipped with inertial guidance systems that keep them on track, continuously correcting for drift due to outside forces. The heart of these systems, in layman’s terms, is a rapidly spinning wheel made of a very dense material. These contraptions are called gyroscopes. As Christ followers we are constantly buffeted by external forces that threaten to knock us off our feet or, even more subtly, gradually cause us to drift from our chosen path. This series explores several key Scripture passages, stories and precepts that have acted like gyroscopes for my soul, keeping me on track, so to speak. 

1. A Framework for our Calling 41 MINS
2. Scripture: The Voice That Calls 36 MINS
3. Called to Intercede 41 MINS
4. Lessons From a Driven Man 45 MINS
5. Out of the Court Room . . . ... 36 MINS
6. Living as a Called Community 28 MINS
7. Called to the Nations 43 MINS
8. Calling the Next Generation 39 MINS
9. Reviving the Called Community 52 MINS
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