The Human Project Andy Steiger
The Human Project
The Human Project
Andy Steiger
1. What is Human 27 MINS
2. Value of Human 26 MINS
3. Human Flourishing 24 MINS
4. Humans Live 26 MINS

We live in an era of polarizing political and religious disagreement. Despite the lip service our society pays to tolerance, it's becoming more and more difficult to look past our differences and to recognize our common humanity. The way that we treat each other is a direct result of how we see one another, and our culture is full of warning signs that we aren't seeing each other correctly.

In The Human Project, Andy Steiger points to Jesus as the basis for rediscovering our common ground and our shared humanity. In Jesus we find not only that humans are unique, valuable, and bearers of rights and responsibilities, but also that our dehumanizing tendencies--our worst inclinations toward inhumanity--can be redeemed and restored. Jesus enables us to be fully human, and it's in him that we rediscover the kind of relationships and society for which so many people today are longing.

The Human Project was created by Power to Change and Apologetics Canada. It is a four-part video series, based on the book Reclaimed: How Jesus Restores Our Humanity in a Dehumanized World, that explores our humanity through the lens of Christianity. Each session begins with a short story designed to encourage discussion on culturally significant questions concerning who and what we are. This time of discussion is followed by a teaching segment that helps us develop a correct view of our humanity in light of who God is, followed by more discussion.

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Andy Steiger

Our home is a small, wet, seemingly-insignificant rock spinning around a massive ball of fire, suspended in endless, cold, dark space. Just think about that for a moment. It’s both terrifying and thought-provoking.

Why are we here?

It’s tempting to just coast through life as though all of this is normal, without ever taking the time to consider that we might just be part of a story that is so much bigger than our own. Andy Steiger provides an engaging, honest, and understandable approach to life’s five biggest questions that will challenge your view of the world and how you live in it.

The Thinking Series is a 5-part video resource, based on the book Thinking?, that tackles the top five questions people are asking today. This study can be used in various settings including small groups, churches, and coffee shops. Andy will help you understand how these five questions are interconnected, build on one another, and clearly explain the Gospel.  

Series Trailer 2 MINS
1. (Story) What is the Meaning of ... 4 MINS
2. (Teaching) What is the Meaning ... 10 MINS
3. (Story) Does God Exist? 5 MINS
4. (Teaching) Does God Exist? 9 MINS
5. (Story) Do All Religions Lead ... 4 MINS
6. (Teaching) Do All Religions ... 9 MINS
7. (Story) Why is There Evil? 4 MINS
8. (Teaching) Why is There Evil? 11 MINS
9. (Story) Is There Life After ... 4 MINS
10. (Teaching) Is There Life After ... 15 MINS
11. (Story) Becoming a Student 5 MINS
12. (Teaching) Becoming a Student 11 MINS
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