Marketplace Ministry Basics Mike Henry
Marketplace Ministry Basics
Marketplace Ministry Basics
Mike Henry
1. What is Ministry 3 MINS
2. Who's Your Boss 3 MINS
3. Always Be Ready 4 MINS
4. Everyone Who Asks 4 MINS
5. Visible Hope 4 MINS
6. Gentleness and Respect 4 MINS
7. What is a Marketplace Mission ... 3 MINS

Speaker:   Mike Henry
Publisher:   Follower Of One, Inc. - 2020
business, faith, marketplace, ministry, opportunity, service, work, worship

When Mike Henry first became a Christ-follower, he asked God to allow him to go into "full-time ministry." But Mike had a mortgage, a family, and he wasn't in a suitable position to quit his job. Over time, he learned to think of ministry as service. Jesus came to serve according to Mark 10:45.

In this 7-part series, Mike describes marketplace ministry as "serving others to help them move one notch closer to Jesus." Then he outlines 5 principles to serve as a framework for marketplace ministry based on 1 Peter 3:15. Through this framework, you will see your daily work life as an opportunity to serve others so they can see Jesus. You will elevate your purpose for work as you look for ways to make Jesus visible in every meeting, conference call and activity. 

Download the study guide and think through this series with friends. You will experience more joy in your everyday work as you discover these tactics for marketplace ministry.

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Speaker:   Mike Henry
Publisher:   Follower Of One, Inc. - 2020
business, faith, marketplace, ministry, opportunity, service, work, worship

Do you want to experience more of your faith Monday - Saturday? Do you want the joy of living “on-purpose” and “on-mission” regardless of your job? 

Mike Henry experienced this tension all of his years as a Christian. He wanted to be a full-time minister, but he had a family, a job, a mortgage. He attended church and Bible studies, luncheons, and conferences. But over time, his frustration grew as he knew he had to go back to work. He felt like a part-time minister.

So, Mike created the Follower of One online community and the Marketplace Mission Trip.

This 8-part series will introduce you to the Marketplace Mission Trip. Follower of One created the it to help every Christ-follower practice their faith in practical ways every day. In this series, you will learn about the mission trip and practice the 5 Daily Activities for any worker in any job, even as a remote worker, retiree, or stay-at-home parent.

As you go through this series, in a group or by yourself, God will give you practical ideas for any moment of any day - even while driving to work or waiting on hold. You will see how Jesus can invade an everyday existence with new purpose and joy. And you will see everyone you meet as someone you can help move one notch closer to Jesus. 

Discover fresh ways to experience the joy of your faith every day beginning today! Download the Discussion Guide, too! 

RightNow Media Introduction 1 MIN
1. What is a Marketplace Mission ... 3 MINS
2. What to Expect 3 MINS
3. Day 1 Pray 3 MINS
4. Day 2 Appreciate Others 2 MINS
5. Day 3 Know What You Believe 2 MINS
6. Day 4 Serve Others 3 MINS
7. Day 5 Speak for Yourself 4 MINS
8. Follower Of One - Marketplace ... 1 MIN

Mike Henry became a Jesus-follower after he graduated from college. He asked God to let him go into full-time ministry. He thought he was the only Christian at his workplace. But one day, Mike found out their package delivery driver was praying for one of Mike's coworkers. And eventually, Mike realized he could "minister" to others right where he worked. 

Eventually, Mike and members of an online community called Follower Of One created the Marketplace Mission Trip. This series represents the 2nd week of the trip, known as the Action Week. Each video bursts with ideas to integrate your faith into daily work life. You will gain new insights and intentionally interact with Jesus more during your time at work. And through this series, you will learn how you can experience the joy and purpose of your job or daily life situation. 

God has blessings for us, but often they're disguised as work. Through this mission trip, you will discover the joy of working any job for Jesus. For best results, download the discussion guide and take this trip with some friends. And either before or after you complete this series, also check out Marketplace Mission Trip Part 1 - Preparation Week. 

1. Marketplace Mission Trip Action ... 1 MIN
2. Day 1- Go 2 MINS
3. Day 2 - Make Time for Others 3 MINS
4. Day 3 - Listen 2 MINS
5. Day 4 - Deliver Excellent Work 4 MINS
6. Day 5 - Remember Your Why 3 MINS
7. Keep it Going 4 MINS
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