Unfiltered Jesus Drew Karschner
Unfiltered Jesus
Unfiltered Jesus
Drew Karschner
1. Unfiltered Dependence 14 MINS
2. Unfiltered Faith 12 MINS
3. Unfiltered Resistance 16 MINS
4. Unfiltered Love 15 MINS
5. Unfiltered Obedience 13 MINS
6. Unfiltered Pursuit 16 MINS

In this series, we’ll look at Jesus’s unfiltered character and unwavering commitment to follow the will of the Father. Filmed on location in Israel, we’ll experience Jesus' life of dependence, faith, denial, love, obedience, and pursuit of people. The end goal is that we too may reflect the life of Jesus unfiltered.

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Drew Karschner

What if God wrote you a letter about your relationship with Him? What do you think He would say to you? In Revelation 2-3 Jesus wrote seven specific letters to seven different churches to speak directly into their walk with Him. We’ll dive into those letters on-location in Turkey together through this series.

1. The Forgetful Church Part 1 10 MINS
2. The Forgetful Church Part 2 1 MIN
3. The Suffering Church Part 1 6 MINS
4. The Suffering Church Part 2 5 MINS
5. The Compromising Church Part 1 6 MINS
6. The Compromising Church Part 2 2 MINS
7. The Tolerant Church Part 1 5 MINS
8. The Tolerant Church Part 2 2 MINS
9. The Slumbering Church Part 1 5 MINS
10. The Slumbering Church Part 2 2 MINS
11. The Lukewarm Church Part 1 7 MINS
12. The Lukewarm Church Part 2 2 MINS
13. The Enduring Church Part 1 7 MINS
14. The Enduring Church Part 2 1 MIN
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