Breathe Again Stacy Henagan
Breathe Again
Breathe Again
Stacy Henagan
1. Trust 13 MINS
2. Stay the Course 10 MINS
3. The Outline of His Presence 14 MINS
4. Even When He Doesn't Feel Good 13 MINS
5. Eternal Perspective 11 MINS
What do you do when God seems to have let you down? How do you continue trusting Him when His ways don’t make sense? In Breathe Again, Stacy Henagan shares how she emerged with a greater belief that God is good and trustworthy even after He didn’t answer her prayer for healing on behalf of her terminally ill daughter as expected. If you’re struggling with overwhelming pain and doubt or simply trying to learn to trust God through confusing times, Breathe Again is for you.
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