FAITH: Against All Hope JP Jones
FAITH: Against All Hope
FAITH: Against All Hope
JP Jones
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Definition of Faith 12 MINS
2. Why Faith is Important 12 MINS
3. Faith has an Object 11 MINS
4. Faith Expressed through Action 13 MINS
5. Growing through Faith 13 MINS
Am I going to believe God or not? This is the ultimate question that has been challenging people for thousands of years. The Biblical character of Abraham is known as the father of faith, but what is faith? Is it necessary and, if so, how do you have it? As you journey through this series, you will explore what the Bible says about faith and whether you are a long-time Christian or looking at these verses for the first time, we strongly encourage you to lean in. This can change your life.  
  FAITH workbook
In this 5-week community group study, you are going to be exploring Romans chapter 12 like you never have before! This compelling chapter answers the most monumental “Now what?” of human existence. When one encounters the story and message of Jesus, what actions and behaviors come next? Understanding this is the key to experiencing your best relationship with God and others.

Wherever you are at in your opinion and knowledge of Jesus, we invite you to enter into this community group experience with an open mind and an open heart. Give yourself room to search through new perspectives. Engage in the conversation with your community group and share your questions as they arise. This experience may change you in ways that you would have never expected!
1. Life With God 16 MINS
2. Life With a New Mind 14 MINS
3. Life at Your Full Potential 15 MINS
4. Life in Community 14 MINS
5. Life for the World 16 MINS
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