BEING Challenge Zach Zehnder
BEING Challenge
BEING Challenge
Zach Zehnder
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Week 1 - Introduction 8 MINS
2. Week 2 - Commit to Community 8 MINS
3. Week 3 - Study Scripture 7 MINS
4. Week 4 - Prioritize Prayer 8 MINS
5. Week 5 - Seek Solitude 6 MINS
6. Week 6 - Choose Church 6 MINS
Being Challenge is a 40-day journey that will help you grow in your relationship with God. Many are wanting to become greater followers of Jesus, but it all starts with being in relationship with God. How do we grow in our relationship with God? The best way to grow in our relationship with God is to learn from the only one, Jesus, who was in perfect relationship with Him. As we look at the life of Jesus we recognize habits in His life that we too can practice. Being Challenge will introduce and challenge you to practice the five keystone habits of Jesus. Being Challenge small group videos and guides will help you embark on a 40-day life-changing journey to BE like Jesus.
For an even deeper experience, consider using these guides and videos alongside of the 40-day workbooks found on our website in the links below. Are you ready? 
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Zach Zehnder

Forgiving Challenge is a 40-Day journey that will lead you to more freedom than you ever thought possible.

Even though the offer of freedom is available to all, many still live in bondage. The key to unlocking your freedom is the forgiveness that Jesus has already won for you. His forgiveness not only assures you of eternal life with Him but offers you an opportunity to live with purpose today.

Bring all of your sin, your guilt, and your shame to Jesus and experience this gift of grace in your life.

A forgiven person is a forgiving person. So come. Be free.

Forgiving Challenge 1 MIN
1. Promo 2 MINS
2. Intro: 5 Phases of Freedom – ... 12 MINS
3. Week 2: Sin - 2nd Session 11 MINS
4. Week 3: Confessions – 3rd ... 10 MINS
5. Week 4: Absolution – 4th ... 9 MINS
6. Week 5: Restoration – 5th ... 9 MINS
7. Week 6: Sanctification – 6th ... 11 MINS
Zach Zehnder

Before a global pandemic had swept our nation and world, our collective witness of Jesus to others was at best a shadow of what it ought to have been. Sadly, the people we are trying to reach sometimes characterize us as the exact opposite of the One that we are pursuing after. How could this be? Jesus is known for grace, good works, unity, and love. His followers have been known for judgment, hypocrisy, division, and hatred. We didn’t miss the mark by a little bit. We completely misfired.

In this time where there is still great uncertainty in our world, I am certain the world needs a far greater expression of Jesus Christ.

2020 has been a year filled with debates on reopening strategies. This has been true for businesses, schools, universities, sports programs, and even churches.

Even though 2020 has produced many obstacles, it has also brought an incredible opportunity for us to examine thoroughly what it truly means to be Christian.

What if we could reopen Christianity? How would we reopen? What would we look like? What would we do? What if we could start by acknowledging that we have gone far away from who the God in the Bible has called us to be? What if we could use this time to refocus and come out a stronger representation of who Jesus is?

This small group study explores five questions every Christian must answer in this amazing opportunity to reopen Christianity!

Are you ready?

Reopening Christianity 2 MINS
1. Reopening Christianity Question ... 11 MINS
2. Reopening Christianity Question ... 11 MINS
3. Reopening Christianity Question ... 10 MINS
4. Reopening Christianity Question ... 11 MINS
5. Reopening Christianity Question ... 11 MINS
Zach Zehnder
Do you have what it takes to follow Jesus? The Red Letter Challenge Small Group videos are a companion to the 40-day discipleship RLC workbook. In the Red Letter Challenge, you will be introduced, through the words of Jesus, to the five main principles of being a disciple.

If you are tired of checking religious boxes, if you know that you were made for something more, and if you want to make a greater difference in this world, the Red Letter Challenge is for you!
1. Trailer 1 MIN
2. Week One 7 MINS
3. Week Two 7 MINS
4. Week Three 6 MINS
5. Week Four 6 MINS
6. Week Five 8 MINS
7. Week Six 7 MINS
8. Week Seven 2 MINS
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