Prepare to Parent Mel Lienert
Prepare to Parent
Prepare to Parent
Mel Lienert
Prepare to Parent 1 MIN
1. Prepare to Parent Course ... 2 MINS
2. Your Relationship with God & ... 3 MINS
3. The Word 6 MINS
4. Prayer 6 MINS
5. Self Care 5 MINS
6. Your Marriage 3 MINS
7. God's Plan for your family 4 MINS
8. Investing in your Marriage 5 MINS
9. Sex and Intimacy 4 MINS
10. Money 4 MINS
11. Relationship With Your Child 5 MINS
12. Time with your child 4 MINS
13. Words 4 MINS
14. Love 6 MINS
15. Discipleship 5 MINS
16. Relationship with Others 2 MINS
17. Extended Family 7 MINS
18. Family Friends 5 MINS
19. Church Community 4 MINS
20. Outreach as a family 3 MINS
Parenting is a word bursting with meaning and pregnant with possibilities! Every journey of parenting is breaking new ground. Prepare to Parent is a course designed to inspire and equip you as you navigate this new path and to give you time and space to discover some of what lies ahead. Join us for four sessions to look at parenting through the lens of four significant relationships:

- Your relationship with God
- Your marriage
- Your relationship with your child; and
- Your relationships with others

Together, we’ll prepare to parent.
  Facilitator Guide Prepare to Parent
  Workbook Prepare to Parent
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