Surviving and Thriving in a Crisis Liz Forkin Bohannon
Surviving and Thriving in a Crisis
Surviving and Thriving in a Crisis
Liz Forkin Bohannon
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Not Today 9 MINS
2. Reaction and Response 6 MINS
3. Quick and Clean Decisions 6 MINS
4. Listen, Translate, and Act 10 MINS
5. Communication is Key 8 MINS
6. Make Your Purpose Known 7 MINS
7. Discover New Problems 14 MINS
What does it take for a business to survive and thrive during a crisis? Some leaders might say a business needs the right resources to make it through a difficult time. But what matters most in a time of crisis is how leaders respond—how they think and communicate can make or break a company’s chances of survival.

In this seven-session series, Liz Forkin Bohannon, founder and CEO of Sseko Designs, discusses the ways leaders can both stay afloat and thrive during a crisis. Learn how to come out stronger on the other side of a crisis through a proper mindset, good decision making, and clear communication skills. Leaders can thrive and experience growth no matter the amount adversity.
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Liz Forkin Bohannon
When we reach the end of our lives, we want to know that they mattered. What do we do when we desire to make a difference in the world, but we lack experience or expertise? We harness our inner “pluck.” 

In this four-part series based on her book Beginner's Pluck, Liz Bohannon, founder and CEO of Sseko Designs, shares the fourteen principles of beginner’s pluck, which can begin to change the way you think about your vocation, dreams, and passions. 

Stop fearing rock bottom. Embrace the freedom it provides and get intentional about building a life of passion. If you ever want it to happen, it will have to be on purpose.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. A Foundation of Pluck 13 MINS
2. Build a Life of Passion 14 MINS
3. Start Moving 14 MINS
4. Do It Together 15 MINS
Podemos pasar algunas horas a la semana en la iglesia o en un grupo pequeño. Este tipo de adoración es bíblica, es un flujo vital en la vida de un cristiano. Pero en las 166 horas restantes de la semana, tenemos el mismo potencial para adorar al Dios que nos creó.

El Retiro: alabemos a Dios en el trabajo es para hombres y mujeres en el mundo de los negocios que anhelan incorporar más de su fe en Cristo en sus vidas diarias. Aprovechen la experiencia de los oradores que hablan acerca de cómo adorar en el trabajo. Descubran las oportunidades que los esperan de llevar su fe con ustedes el lunes.

Para más información sobre el Retiro: alabemos a Dios en el trabajo en directo, visita el sitio web aquí.
1. El Espíritu Santo y el lugar de ... 32 MINS
2. La fe en la mira 32 MINS
3. Cómo conseguir resultados ... 33 MINS
4. Posición y propósito 31 MINS
5. Llamados a trabajar, crear ... 33 MINS
6. Liderando con amor 33 MINS
7. Una entrevista con Steve Green 24 MINS
8. Construyendo negocios y vidas ... 32 MINS
9. El poder de la empatía en un ... 38 MINS
We might spend a few hours of our week at church or in a small group. This kind of worship is biblical and a vital rhythm in the life of a Christian. But during the other 166 hours of our week, we have just as much potential to worship the God who created us.

The Work as Worship retreat is for men and women in the business world who want to incorporate their Christian faith more fully into every day of their week. Experience the full lineup of speakers as they discuss what it looks like to worship with our work. Uncover opportunities you have waiting for you to carry your faith with you on Monday.

If you'd like more information about the Work as Worship retreat simulcast, visit the website here.
1. The Holy Spirit & The Workplace 32 MINS
2. Faith in the Spotlight 32 MINS
3. How to Drive Eternal Results in ... 33 MINS
4. Position and Purpose 31 MINS
5. Called to Work, Create Value, & ... 33 MINS
6. Leading with Love 33 MINS
7. An Interview with Steve Green 24 MINS
8. Building Businesses and Lives ... 32 MINS
9. The Power of Empathy in a World ... 38 MINS
Liz Forkin Bohannon
After wanting to help impoverished women for years, Liz Bohannon, Founder of Sseko Designs, moved to Uganda and found a way to enhance women's lives in a community by making and selling sandals.

But can sandals alone actually change lives? In this RightNow Media @ Work documentary, hear the story of how Sseko Designs began and why fashion is God's business. Watch as Liz shares how selling sandals has not only solved a poverty problem in Uganda, but also provided a way for women to see themselves as bearers of God's own image.

1. Every Sseko Has a Story 10 MINS
Liz Forkin Bohannon
Cuando llegamos al final de nuestras vidas, queremos saber que estas tuvieron importancia. ¿Qué hacemos cuando deseamos producir un cambio en el mundo, pero no tenemos experiencia o conocimiento? Sacamos provecho de nuestro «coraje» interno. 

 En esta serie de cuatro partes basada en su libro Beginner's pluck (Coraje de principiante), Liz Bohannon, fundadora y CEO de Sseko Designs, comparte los 14 principios del coraje de principiante, los cuales pueden comenzar un cambio en la concepción que tienes de tu profesión, de tus sueños y de tus pasiones. 

 Basta de temer tocar fondo. Abraza la libertad que te brinda y comienza a construir intencionalmente una vida de pasión. Si quieres que suceda, tendrá que ser intencionalmente.
Tráiler 1 MIN
1. Un fundamento de coraje 13 MINS
2. Construye una vida de pasión 14 MINS
3. Comienza a moverte 14 MINS
4. Háganlo juntos 15 MINS
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