Quarantine Quarrels Jenny Boyett
Quarantine Quarrels
Quarantine Quarrels
Jenny Boyett
1. How Your Wiring Affects Your ... 44 MINS
2. How to Use Words That Help, Not ... 31 MINS
3. Q&A with Kathleen Edelman 28 MINS
Quarantine has a way of magnifying the frustrations...er...differences between family members, doesn't it? Some of us are talkers. Others just want quiet. Some want a family game night. Others a solo Netflix binge. And some are knocking out  to-do lists, while others are FaceTiming with friends. Why are people who live in the same house - maybe even with the same genetics- so different? Kathleen Edelman would say it's your temperament. And while we're all stuck at home, our temperaments are on FULL display.  
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