Parenting With Peace in the Time of COVID-19 Erin Weidemann
Parenting With Peace in the Time of COVID-19
Parenting With Peace in the Time of COVID-19
Erin Weidemann
1. Parenting With Peace in the ... 26 MINS
2. Balancing Dynamics Middle ... 32 MINS
3. 3 Tips Stress Management ... 20 MINS
Join Erin Weidemann, Author, Credentialed Teacher and Homeschool Expert as she unpacks biblically-based concepts and practical tools for parents to lead from a place of peace, and approach this pandemic with sound mental health and relational strategies that bring peace in the midst of uncertainty.  
  The Heroic Homeschooler Course and Mentorshp

Speaker:   Erin Weidemann
Publisher:   Truth Becomes Her - 2020
covid-19, mental health, pandemic, parent, parenting, peace, uncertainty
The Heroic Homeschooler is a mentorship series that allows parents to own their influence and lead their children to live, learn, and grow well at home. This series is focused on training and application -- you are not in this alone. You’ll absorb the lessons and then learn how to make the principles practical with your child. You can expect to be fully supported as you make your way through this series.

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1. Brand New? 3 Tips Before You ... 17 MINS
2. The 4 Traditional School Rules ... 25 MINS
3. The Secret To Adapting Your ... 18 MINS
4. How To Use Your Family's Values ... 20 MINS
5. The Routine And Rhythm That ... 22 MINS
6. Overcoming Fear And Failure In ... 14 MINS
7. Bonus Video #1 24 MINS
8. Bonus Video #2 27 MINS
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