Me & My Identity Sid Koop
Me & My Identity
Me & My Identity
Sid Koop
1. My Identity Discovered 14 MINS
2. My Identity Restored 19 MINS
3. My Identity in Community 17 MINS
Everyday teenagers buckle under the pressure of trying to figure out who they are. They are in an ongoing inner battle to discover their identity. How do I form my identity? What informs who I am? What if I don't like who I've chosen to be? Or worse, what if my friends don't like me?

Rather than tell you how to answer the question "Who am I?" we reframe the question to be "Who does God say I am?"

Together we realize that the pressure is off, because we do not need to create our identify, we get to discover it in Christ. An identity, that is grounded in the great love and intention God expressed in creating us with purpose.

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