STAND Successful Kaitlyn Cey
STAND Successful
STAND Successful
Kaitlyn Cey
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Introduction to The Gospel 10 MINS
2. STAND Secure and Say Thanks 10 MINS
3. STAND Together and Take ... 16 MINS
4. STAND Authentic and Live ... 16 MINS
5. STAND Named and Cast Your Net! 17 MINS
6. STAND Different and Live With ... 15 MINS
I have incredible news for you! The word “Gospel” means good news! The “Gospel” is the story of Jesus’ life and death, but the reason the Gospel is so incredible is because it can make your life amazing today! People around you might say that you are most successful when you have money, status, fame or popularity – but the truth is, you are most successful when you have complete confidence in your identity. The Good News is that when Jesus died and rose again, he made the way for you to experience life with the unshakable confidence: Your value is sealed. You are a Son or Daughter of God. So, what difference does
that make?

Once you become free from the pressure to make yourself feel significant, secure or accepted, you can influence your world in the way you were created to.

The STAND Successful Course is designed to provide a pathway for you to:

-Experience growth and gratitude
-Have healthy relationships; take ownership of your life
-Establish values, vision and live audaciously
-Be motivated with a growth mindset to influence your world
-Know and build your own strengths
-Have grit and value all people

In order to do these things, you need to have a secure identity – and it can’t be all about yourself, because you aren’t perfect. If your confidence is in yourself, when the going gets tough, you won’t be able to stand firm. However, God’s given you a new identity that empowers you to live the most incredible life and influence your world in dynamic ways, and this is true success!

  STAND Successful - Leader's guide
  STAND Successful - Participant's guide
Kaitlyn Cey
This study is specifically designed for you to gain courage, clarity and confidence through your faith in Jesus so you can influence your world as God desires. You will discover pathways to move forward in areas of your life where you feel stuck. God is always wanting us to grow and to influence the world in the ways he designed us to. Hope is very simply the belief that things can change and this is the Good News of the Gospel. Moment by moment, you can choose your thoughts and experience inner change, that will change your life and increase your influence for God's Kingdom. Through these sessions, you will be able to differentiate between between the learner mindset and the judger mindset. By practicing Christian mindfulness, you can be equipped to think powerfully as you allow the Gospel to intersect your thought patterns in new ways - and commit to think like a learner. You will learn strategies to improve your emotional and mental health as you seek to strengthen the core of your life, your heart, by increasing your self-awareness. You will also be empowered to develop your voice. Through an exploration of Jesus’ life-changing encounter with the woman at the well, you will be inspired to encounter Jesus in transformative ways too. 
Trailer 1 MIN
1. Learner Mindset 32 MINS
2. Emotional Health 36 MINS
3. Find Your Voice 26 MINS
4. Clarity 21 MINS
5. Courage 16 MINS
6. Confidence 27 MINS
Kaitlyn Cey
There is a pervasive lie attacking girls and women everywhere and it began in the Garden of Eden when Eve's unbroken relationship with God was severed by sin. The lie many girls and women believe today is this: You are not enough. Because of this lie, many women spend their lives trying to escape with numbing behaviors or they strive, trying to finally feel they measure up. Ken Dyck, the author of Freedom Session, teaches that people will choose a "drug of choice" to cope with this feeling of insufficiency. Some examples might be shopping, Netflix, achievement, exercise or work. We all have the same struggle; we just deal with it differently. Throughout life, we all face seasons where we are tempted to live with an insufficiency mindset and reach for a drug of choice.
Trailer 1 MIN
1. STAND Secure: A Secure Identity ... 36 MINS
2. STAND Together In Healthy ... 33 MINS
3. STAND Authentic From The Inside ... 31 MINS
4. STAND Named: A God-Given ... 42 MINS
5. STAND Diverse & Unified As A ... 49 MINS
Kaitlyn Cey
Jesus loves you so much that He died for you. If you truly believed that with your whole heart – that you are wildly and passionately loved by the most incredible person ever, how could this Good News actually change your life? This course is designed to provide a pathway, so you can live like you are ridiculously loved – because you are!

A few years ago, I found myself trapped by insecurity, and disappointed by broken relationships and health difficulties. I began to feel jealous of the people around me, with a constant voice in my head that said I didn’t measure up. This sent me on a restorative journey, discovering just how powerful the Gospel Message is for all of life: You Are Loved – No matter what.

I wrote about my journey in the book, STAND Secure, and developed this course, in hopes that YOU can be empowered by the Good news of the Gospel in YOUR life too! The course videos have teaching and testimonies from girls with powerful stories, just like you!

The STAND Secure course is designed to provide a pathway for you to:
-Embrace your own calling and story
-Find a tribe of people who will love and support you!
-Feel free and safe to be yourself and practice creative expression!
-Own your own story and make your mark in the world
–Forget about what other people think of you and STAND confidently in your own unique life!
-Live with purpose, inspiration and hope – believing that God loves you recklessly and passionately and will always be there for you!
-Discover just how much you are loved by God, and let that truth CHANGE YOUR LIFE!
Trailer 2 MINS
1. GOD's Big Story 12 MINS
2. STAND Secure 12 MINS
3. STAND Together 14 MINS
4. STAND Authentic 11 MINS
5. STAND Named 10 MINS
6. STAND Diverse 14 MINS
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