2019 Church Leaders Conference
2019 Church Leaders Conference
2019 Church Leaders Conference
1. Session 1: Ride with the Brand 57 MINS
2. Session 2A: The First Value to ... 20 MINS
3. Session 2B: Fire Your Pastor 33 MINS
4. Session 2C: The Serious ... 18 MINS
5. Session 3A: We're Family 13 MINS
6. Session 3B: Mistakes Young ... 13 MINS
7. Session 3C: Freedom 28 MINS
8. Session 4: Pastoring Your ... 47 MINS
9. Session 5A: One Day at a Time 35 MINS
10. Session 5B: Seven Ways to Avoid ... 20 MINS
11. Session 5C: Why Not You? 42 MINS
The Church Leaders Conference is an annual gathering designed to equip and encourage all church leaders in any area of service. It is practical and applicable, offering workshops and a behind-the-scenes look into a wide variety of ministries. You can learn more about the conferences and how you can attend in-person at https://www.watermarkresources.com/conferences/clc  
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