Wealth Creation
Wealth Creation
Wealth Creation
1. Introduction 1 MIN
2. God's Abundant and Diverse ... 2 MINS
3. Our Calling to be Co-Creators ... 3 MINS
4. The Holy Calling of Wealth ... 3 MINS
5. Navigating the Role of the ... 4 MINS
6. Wealth Creation for the Greater ... 3 MINS
7. Wealth Creation vs. The ... 3 MINS
8. The Impact of Business on ... 3 MINS
9. The Different Kinds of Wealth ... 3 MINS
10. Lifting People Our of Poverty ... 4 MINS
11. Justice for the Oppressed ... 5 MINS
12. Wealth Creation Without the ... 2 MINS
13. Conclusion 5 MINS
This Classroom series is on Wealth Creation for Holistic Transformation, a critically important aspect for mission. The goals of this episode are to explain wealth creation, to highlight the importance of wealth creation for global Christianity and the church, and to inspire young leaders, established leaders, churches, organizations, and individuals so they understand the importance of wealth creation in their context.

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