Guarding Your Child's Heart Gary Smalley
Guarding Your Child's Heart
Guarding Your Child's Heart
Gary Smalley
1. Do You Have a Plan? 8 MINS
2. How Thoughts Form Your Beliefs 18 MINS
3. Memorize and Meditate 16 MINS
4. Belief #1 - Humble Yourself 14 MINS
5. Practicing Humility in the ... 20 MINS
6. Belief #2 - Love God 14 MINS
7. Loving God with Our Kids 19 MINS
8. Belief #3 - Love Others 16 MINS
9. Applying Our Love for Others 21 MINS
10. Belief #4 - Rejoice in Trials 13 MINS
11. Rejoicing with Our Kids During ... 19 MINS
12. Stay the Course 12 MINS
Protect your children from destructive thoughts today and for a lifetime of tomorrows.

Most people have 20,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. And for Americans, more than half of those thoughts are negative. So how do you teach your children to guard their minds and hearts in today's society?

This 12-session series from respected relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley shows parents how they can teach their children to meditate and memorize key Scriptures that will build a foundation for leading a positive life.  
  Guarding Your Child's Heart - DVD
  Guarding Your Child's Heart - Book

Speaker:   Gary Smalley
Publisher:   NavPress - 2012
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