1. Intro to Engage 18 MINS
2. Jesus Sees the Woman at the ... 34 MINS
3. Jesus Heals the Bleeding Woman 29 MINS
4. Jesus Says, "Let Down Your ... 30 MINS
5. Jesus Sees the Rich Ruler 39 MINS
6. Jesus Heals Lazarus 27 MINS
7. Jesus Sees: Didn't Understand ... 30 MINS
8. Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus 28 MINS
Whether you are a small group or a house church, we at Gospel App Ministries get it. You are overwhelmed, overcommitted, and overconnected. So why would anyone take a couple of hours each week to attend one more thing? We believe that we have an answer to such a reasonable question. Engage groups are intentionally designed gatherings of hopeful Jesus-Followers—deeply Bible-centric dialogues—that provide a safe place where vital life-dialogues can occur, where each participant is equally honored and challenged to apply the simple uncluttered Gospel of Jesus Christ to the real lives of real people in the real world, beginning with themselves. We suppose that there is a place for debates and to show off how much you know. This is not that place! Our expectation each and every week is that your lives will be changed, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but changed by utilizing the power of the simple uncluttered Gospel. If this sounds like fun to you, welcome to Engage. You are welcomed here.

This Engage Starter Kit Participant Workbook is a bit of a taster set. In the Gospels we come across provocative accounts where the author observes that Jesus “sees” or “says” or “heals.” Not just any “sees” or “says” or “heals,” the actions occur in contexts that raise obvious questions. What did it mean that Jesus saw? What did He see? What did the person(s) whom Jesus saw, feel? Why them? I want to be seen that way. You get the idea, right? Same with Jesus “says” or “heals.” Good news, there will be separate collections of each in the future. Have fun!

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Bill Senyard

We got it all Wrong! We get it. Jesus commanded us to forgive people and institutions who have hurt us--a lot (Matt 18). Let’s face it. We have not done a bang-up job obeying Him. No judgement.

To make matters worse, there is nothing more core to the Gospel than forgiving others. We are counting on the heart of God to forgive others—i.e., us. If we confuse that, do we really understand the Gospel very well? Our point is that there are few more important topics for Christians to major in than forgiving others. But let’s face it. We are not very good at it, are we?

One more point. In today’s increasingly uncivil and divided culture, wouldn’t the church truly stand out if we were forgiving each other? It would be a very powerful Gospel message indeed.

Why the historic failure? We suggest that we have severely misunderstood what Jesus was saying and have-- in fact--ended up shaming generations of Christian victims.

We Messed Up! is a biblical, shame-free, seven-part group study for beat-up Christians who just want to get on with their lives without giving up justice, fairness and dignity. Maybe you? It is based upon Dr. Bill Senyard’s breakthrough work on the topic, integrating the Bible, theology, neuroscience, attachment theory and even justice theory.

We guarantee that it is not the same-old-same-old. No worries. We will definitely not be telling you that you just need to try harder. Or have more faith. No shaming here, beloved of God. There is a power to forgive that is accessible for all followers of Jesus. A child could do it.

We Messed Up workbook is a companion to the on-line interactive forgiving experience, the Forgiving Path ( You may have spent months or years struggling to forgive already. In a few hours all that can begin to change.

Average 2019 measurable results of participants after a single two hour pass through the Forgiving Path:

  • I want to avoid the person who hurt me—Down 27%
  • I feel benevolence toward the person who hurt me—Up 149%
  • I want revenge—Down 53%
  • I have experienced some justice—Up 80%

Wouldn’t that make a noticeable difference?

We Messed Up is ideal for small groups or weekend conferences. Each lesson comes with a 30-minute professionally done video for your group to interact with. So simple. You will want to tell your friends. 

1. Module 1 30 MINS
2. Module 2 29 MINS
3. Module 3 27 MINS
4. Module 4 30 MINS
5. Module 5 27 MINS
6. Module 6 29 MINS
7. Module 7 24 MINS
Bill Senyard
Did you know that there is an epidemic of loneliness in the US? Four thousand churches a year are closing their doors. Eighty percent of churches have either flatlined or are in decline. As of September 1, 2019, the number of mass shootings across the U.S. has outpaced the number of days in the calendar. Depression, anxiety and suicide ideation is ramping up in young adults. Over half of Christian Millennials have already left their churches. It is a multi-level crisis. Is there something that we Christians can do?

Yes, there’s an App for that! Are you like so many other Christians who are disappointed with their Christian experience?

• Has your walk with Christ just not lived up to your original expectations when you “signed up”?
• Are you waiting for that next “something” for your spiritual life to just take off?
• Are you hopelessly shackled by addictions and other poor habitual behaviors?
• Do you wonder if God still loves you? Or wonder if you messed up, crossed that unforgivable line a while ago?
• Are you troubled that you are not seeing people come to Christ?
• Is your prayer life listless--at best? Hit or miss?
• Are your relationships below par?
• Do you have trouble forgiving old wounds, much less new ones?
• Do you wonder what happened to your joy?

The Gospel App 1.0 is a popular, seven-lesson, participative discipleship curriculum designed for underachieving Christians--and that’s most of us, of course. Other well-meaning discipleship manuals are typically designed to help folk become more Christ-like—a good goal to be sure. The Gospel-App takes a different approach. The goal of the Gospel App is for you to become more dependent upon Christ. Anybody can do that.

So, if you have failed other discipleship courses, or did well for a while and then…? If that describes you, then you could probably benefit from the Gospel App. Here you will learn again how to both receive and apply four core aspects of the singular Gospel over and over. It isn’t rocket science, not really. A child could do it. Ironically, that’s the heart of our problem.
1. Rules of Engagement 17 MINS
2. Gospel App 1.0 Introduction 34 MINS
3. Preaching the Gospel to Myself 43 MINS
4. Bible Study: Ephesians 3:14-21 13 MINS
5. The Gospel App Shape 24 MINS
6. The Still Face Experiment 29 MINS
7. The Big Mess 22 MINS
8. Preaching the Gospel to Your ... 26 MINS
9. Preaching the Gospel to Your ... 43 MINS
10. Preaching the Gospel to Your ... 22 MINS
Bill Senyard
Take Heart YZ (How Millennials Can Preach the Gospel to Themselves and What Real Difference It Will Make) is a life-changing curriculum specifically designed for young adults (20-35). Some describe it as “discipleship.” Others say “spiritual formation.” Both are accurate. It is intentionally dialogic, authentic, provocative and very Biblical. Take Heart YZ is a smart, engaging, very Biblical, relevant, authentic, dialogue-driven following-Jesus-stuff.

THYZ follows the advice of Martin Luther who taught that it is critical that Christians learn to hammer the simple uncluttered Gospel into our heads everyday. For whatever reason, we generally haven’t developed that habit. Maybe we’ve never been told that it is critical to our Christian walk? Maybe we just got distracted? No judgment from us. It’s just time to regroup and re-launch a new habit that can start to change our lives.

In this first six-part series for one-on-one or group discipleship, you will learn the ins-and-outs of the simple uncluttered Gospel and begin to learn how to preach this Gospel to your residual guilt, shame, attachment wounds and addictions. Now that should make a real difference. Not perfect, that’s Heaven. But it should be noticeable. No judgment. Paul writes that all creation groans (Rom 8:22). That includes Christians as well.
1. Module 1: The Still Face ... 34 MINS
2. Module 2: The Big Mess 26 MINS
3. Module 3: The Three Things 19 MINS
4. Module 4: Preaching the Gospel ... 24 MINS
5. Module 5: Preaching the Gospel ... 30 MINS
6. Module 6: Preaching the Gospel ... 29 MINS
Bill Senyard
The Engage Topical Bible Study, Can’t Forgive? is based upon the breakthrough Biblical research by Pastor and forgiveness expert, Dr. Bill Senyard. What if we have, well-meaningly, misunderstood what the Bible has to say about how to forgive others? Jesus did say that we should forgive others seventy times seven times. Yet, He didn’t say how. Can’t Forgive? focuses on the “How?”. As an added bonus, Can’t Forgive? works in conjunction with The Forgiving Path, the on-line Biblical Forgiving tool that has helped hundreds of Christians learn how to forgive.

The Forgiving Path is a ministry of Gospel App Ministries. The Forgiving Path is not only the only Biblical on-line forgiving tool, it is the only on-line forgiving intervention for people who have not been able to forgive some wound or crime committed against them. It has been scientifically validated and has already helped hundreds to move toward true forgiveness. It is inexpensive, confidential, powerful, self-paced and very focused on the simple uncluttered Gospel.
1. Rules of Engagement 18 MINS
2. Forgiving is Hard! 34 MINS
3. Seven Propositions 37 MINS
4. The Magnanimous King 35 MINS
5. Final Due Diligence 34 MINS
6. Trial: Part 1 34 MINS
7. Trial: Part 2 32 MINS
8. Dance! 33 MINS
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