You & Me
1. Me and My Friends 15 MINS
2. Me and My Parents 18 MINS
3. Me and My Significant Other 18 MINS
4. Me and My Boundaries 13 MINS
We were created to be in relationship with one another. Community is part of our calling as people, but as broken and sinful beings, figuring out how to co-exist and live in harmony is not always crystal clear (let alone how to love one another as God desires).

Addressing three key relationships that teenagers engage in – friends, parents, and dating – we talk through what Jesus has to say about how we are to treat one another and why these relationships matter.

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Brody Jespersen
One of the reason so many of us don't read our Bibles regularly comes from a misunderstanding of what the Scriptures are. We see the Bible as an ancient rule book with a whole bunch of disconnected information about God, rather than a whole grand story that showcases who God is.

Our desire is that we would be captivated by the grand story of Scripture, which would lead us to the place where we want to read it, know it, and discover the truth within it.

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1. Setup 17 MINS
2. Introduction and Conflict 20 MINS
3. Rising Tension 15 MINS
4. Climax 19 MINS
5. Resolution and Ellpsis 17 MINS
Brody Jespersen
Who is Jesus?

It's a question that has been asked and considered, debated over and denied for the last 2000 years. This man who entered history, and seemingly stirred up a revolution that would impact and affect the world as we know it.

In this interactive five-part series, we unpack this question through the lens of the Christian And Missionary Fourfold Gospel: Exploring the person of Jesus, our Savior, Our Sanctifier, Our Healer, and Our Coming King.

Whether you know the story, or have never heard it before, join us as we explore the person of Jesus, who He was, and what it was He came here to accomplish on earth.

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1. The Person of Jesus 15 MINS
2. Saviour 22 MINS
3. Sanctifier 17 MINS
4. Healer 15 MINS
5. Coming King 16 MINS
Brody Jespersen
The gospels are saturated with parables, stories that Jesus shared that had hidden meaning. These stories were written in a familiar context that the original audience would understand, but that does not mean they are irrelevant for us today.

Through this three-part series we discover what we can learn from the unforgiving servant, the unprepared bridesmaids, and the unwise stewards. We trust that you will wrap up this series not only of the gifts you've been given, but the value in using them wisely!

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1. The Unforgiving Servant 12 MINS
2. Parable of Talents 10 MINS
3. Ready or Not, Here He Comes 10 MINS
Brody Jespersen
How does the truth of the Gospel, what Jesus has done for us, influence and shape who we are?

What happened in the garden of Eden still impacts us today, as we are all born sinful people, but how did this happen?

What does it mean for God to love us despite our brokenness?
And what did He do because He loves us so much?

Discover the great invitation we are given as loved, rescued people!

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1. Broken 15 MINS
2. Loved 13 MINS
3. Rescued 19 MINS
Brody Jespersen
We all have questions we are hesitant to ask. Questions, that if unaddressed, can lead to confusion and doubt.

In this four-part series, we create a space for dialogue around four of these questions’ teens are hesitant to ask. As we unpack evidence of God’s existence, and how we can know His will for us, we begin to learn more about who God is. Likewise, we equip youth with the knowledge of God’s goodness, and our identity in Him, amidst a world full of pain and confusion around who we are, and our sexuality.

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1. How can I Prove God is Real? 13 MINS
2. Why do Bad Things Happen? 10 MINS
3. You and Your Sexuality 14 MINS
4. How can I Know God's Will? 14 MINS
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