1. Introduction 18 MINS
2. Week 1: Finding Ourselves in ... 13 MINS
3. Week 2: Knowing the God of the ... 12 MINS
4. Week 3: Discovering the New You 11 MINS
5. Week 4: Living a Blessed Life 11 MINS
6. Week 5: Learning to Pray 10 MINS
7. Week 6: Experiencing ... 10 MINS
8. Week 7: Taking God to Work 10 MINS
9. Week 8: Making Love a Must 9 MINS
Anchored is a discipleship study that is designed to ground you in Christ and his gospel. It is an 8-week study, small group study that will orient you to who God is and to who you can be in him. It will ground you in the mission of God to redeem your life - and to make you an agent of redemption to others.   

Speaker:   Greg Lafferty
Publisher:   Willowdale Chapel - 2018
community, discipleship, evangelism, gospel, mission, prayer, redemption, work
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