Mi historia para la gloria de Dios: un @ trabajo documental Anne Beiler
Mi historia para la gloria de Dios: un @ trabajo documental
Mi historia para la gloria de Dios: un @ trabajo documental
Anne Beiler
1. Documental de Auntie Anne's 15 MINS

Speaker:   Anne Beiler
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019
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Cuando el dolor destrozó su mundo, Anne Beiler, fundadora de la empresa de venta de pretzels Auntie Anne's, se sintió perdida y sola. Pero la esperanza surgió a través del poder resucitador del amor de Jesús resplandeciendo sobre su esposo, Jonas. 

¿Puede el dolor originar el propósito? 

En este documental original de RightNow Media @ Work, Anne Beiler comparte cómo halló reconciliación y propósito en las cenizas de la angustia. Escuchen a Anne y Jonas describir su viaje de reencuentro. Vender pretzels nunca se trató de un trabajo para Anne, sino de llevar esperanza a otros.
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Speaker:   Anne Beiler
Publisher:   RightNow Media - 2019
español, subtítulos, trabajo
Clifton Taulbert
OCEAN Conference is an annual conference on the topic of faith and entrepreneurship. Our intent is clear: Entrepreneurship is hard, and this conference is a place to gather with other like-minded leaders to gain insight, wisdom, and practical tools to increase your capacity as an entrepreneur. This message is delivered alongside an inspirational and challenging message that is rooted in the Christian faith. Our theme and content is designed to grow the founder not just an organizational leader, but also as a person full of potential to transform their world for good.
1. Spiritual Peaks and Valleys in ... 31 MINS
2. Faith in the Face of Adversity 32 MINS
3. Building a Rabid Fanbase 21 MINS
4. Against All Odds: The True ... 42 MINS
5. Championing Organizational ... 21 MINS
6. Becoming The Dream Manager Bio 29 MINS
7. Your Work Matters 27 MINS
8. From Pain to Pretzels: Finding ... 35 MINS
STORIESx8 is an eight-session experience that guides women through the journey of sharing their stories, how to overcome the effects of past trauma, and embracing a new kind of confession.

It is designed for groups of eight women (but can be done with more). In each session, Anne teaches on topics that keep women stuck, and shares what it means to live a lifestyle that embraces a new view of confession found in James 5:16. By the end of the study, each woman will have had the opportunity to discover and share their unique story in an accepting and safe environment. It is an experience that will transform lives and help women overcome the obstacles keeping them in pain, blame, and shame.
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Power of Confession 9 MINS
2. Life is Hard. God is Good. 5 MINS
3. The Struggle with Guilt & Shame 8 MINS
4. Fighting Fear 6 MINS
5. Making Anger Work for You 7 MINS
6. The Depths of Depression 8 MINS
7. Changing Your Self-Image 6 MINS
8. Out of the Darkness, Into the ... 11 MINS
When pain wrecked her world, Anne Beiler, founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels, felt lost and alone. But through the resurrecting power of Jesus's love shining in her husband, Jonas, hope was born. 

Can purpose ever come from pain? In this RightNow Media @ Work original documentary, Anne Beiler shares the story of finding reconciliation and purpose in the ashes of heartbreak. Hear from Anne and Jonas as they describe their journey back to each other. Selling pretzels was never about the job for Anne—it's about bringing hope to others.
1. Auntie Anne's Documentary 15 MINS
We might spend a few hours of our week at church or in a small group. This kind of worship is biblical and a vital rhythm in the life of a Christian. But during the other 166 hours of our week, we have just as much potential to worship the God who created us.

The Work as Worship retreat is for men and women in the business world who want to incorporate their Christian faith more fully into every day of their week. Experience the full lineup of speakers as they discuss what it looks like to worship with our work. Uncover opportunities you have waiting for you to carry your faith with you on Monday.

If you'd like more information about the Work as Worship retreat simulcast, visit the website here.
1. Abiding: Business and the ... 37 MINS
2. Rethinking Urban Poverty: ... 24 MINS
3. The Power of Purpose 31 MINS
4. Love Works 37 MINS
5. Have You Ever Had a Dream? 35 MINS
6. Fruitfulness Matters 25 MINS
7. Unleashing the Power of People 24 MINS
8. Religion in the Workplace—Is it ... 22 MINS
9. An Interview with Norm Miller 28 MINS
10. The Ideal Team Player 30 MINS
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