The Pentateuch - Scripture Snapshots J.B. Nicholson
The Pentateuch - Scripture Snapshots
The Pentateuch - Scripture Snapshots
J.B. Nicholson
1. Introduction to the Pentateuch 4 MINS
2. Genesis 4 MINS
3. Exodus 5 MINS
4. Leviticus 4 MINS
5. Numbers 4 MINS
6. Deuteronomy 4 MINS
The first five books of the OT are sometimes called the “Pentateuch” (Greek meaning “five-volumed”) after the Jewish term, “the five-fifths of the law.” The Jews call it “Torah” (meaning “instruction”) but the most common biblical name is the Law or the Law of Moses. These five books are foundational for the rest of the Bible, and our Lord and the New Testament writers constantly refer to them. They explain the origin of the universe, the tragedy of fallen humanity, the promise of a Savior, and God’s strategy in selecting Abraham and his family to be the flawed but effective instruments in His wonderful rescue plan.
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What a book! Is there anything even close in all the annals of men? Here revealed is the plan of all plans, the King of all kings, the battle of all battles, the victory of all victories, the happy ending of all happy endings. One motif that makes this final book fascinating is its surprising use of irony. Why was John banished to Patmos? He was exiled there because he had been proclaiming "the word of God" and "the testimony of Jesus Christ." Where are we introduced to the One who can open any door? Standing outside the door of the Church, knocking to gain entrance. Who does the world need to take on all this hideous strength, these wild, animal-like monster-men? A Lion, of course? No, a little Lamb, freshly slain! What did the devil want? "I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God." Then the bottomless pit for you and your henchmen! And so it goes. Never a boring moment in this book! 
1. The Revelation of Jesus Christ 7 MINS
What if archeologists found a treasure trove of first-century letters. What if they included early hymns of the New Testament church? Actual prayers offered by those early saints. Practical tips for living life in a hostile environment. Imagine what it would if these letters covered every idea we needed for church life, personal relations, and training in spiritual warfare. Without doubt, they'd be a best-seller. But wait! There's no need to imagine. That's what the Pauline Epistles are, and they are waiting for each of us to take a fresh look at these divinely inspired communiques. *Note: Also included in this section are the general epistles written by Peter, James, and Jude. 
1. Introducing Paul's Epistles 3 MINS
2. Romans (Part One) 4 MINS
3. Romans (Part Two) 4 MINS
4. 1 Corinthians 5 MINS
5. 2 Corinthians 4 MINS
6. Galatians 4 MINS
7. Ephesians 4 MINS
8. Philippians 4 MINS
9. Colossians 4 MINS
10. 1 & 2 Thessalonians 5 MINS
11. The Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 ... 5 MINS
12. Philemon 5 MINS
13. Hebrews 5 MINS
14. James 4 MINS
15. Peter's Two Epistles 4 MINS
16. John's Three Epistles 5 MINS
17. Jude 5 MINS
Careful! This book is alive! Daily salvations. Steadfast continuance. Godly fear sweeping before them. Sacrificial care of every saint. Unity. Open homes where they "ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart, praising God and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily those who were being saved" (Acts 2:46-47). The Lord Jesus, who promised to be with those early believers until the end of the age, is with us too! And just as Christ "turned the world upside down" through them, He wants to do the same with us today. Come discover the book that shows us how. 
1. Acts 4 MINS
WHY FOUR GOSPELS? Imagine walking through a palace. As you enter the library, the grand hall, the ballroom and the throne room, you see portraits-each the same figure, but they could hardly be more different. In the library, you see a family man, with his children around him. In the grand hall he is portrayed as a statesman, signing a peace pact with his former enemies. In the ballroom, he stands by his queen, holding her hand- the loving man. But in the throne room, the painting shows him sitting alone, crowned, in regal robes. So it is with the four Gospels: the Spirit uses each author to select the best characters, stories, and events to highlight the Lord Jesus as Sovereign, Servant, Son of Man, and Son of God. These biographies makes us wonder: what will it be to MEET Him?
1. The Inter-Testament Period 3 MINS
2. Why 4 Gospels 4 MINS
3. Matthew 4 MINS
4. Mark 4 MINS
5. Luke 4 MINS
6. John 5 MINS
J.B. Nicholson
God's Word is both timeless (Jn 6:68) and timely, fitting every occasion (Mt 4:1-11). Here is a series of short videos that present some of God's timeless truths intended to encourage you, whatever circumstance you may be facing. 
1. New Year's Resolution 3 MINS
2. Portrait of Glory 5 MINS
3. Risen 10 MINS
4. The Love Strategy 6 MINS
5. When You Feel So Small 4 MINS
6. You Can Be Sure 4 MINS
J.B. Nicholson
What will Heaven be like? Who will be there? What will we do? Here are four glorious glimpses of that City whose builder and maker is God. 
1. Part 1 6 MINS
2. Part 2 6 MINS
3. Part 3 6 MINS
4. Part 4 10 MINS
J.B. Nicholson
Short, powerful gospel presentations that can be shown in any setting. 
1. Why your Good Works Won't Save ... 6 MINS
2. Someone's at the Door 7 MINS
3. God is NOT a Monster 7 MINS
4. Power Over Evil 9 MINS
5. A Modern-DayDelilah 6 MINS
Introducing the Minor Prophets: These twelve often-neglected books at
the end of our Old Testament are actually rich with meaning. Does God
care when we don’t care about the disadvantaged in society? Does He
notice when our worship is half-hearted? Will He somehow override the
principle that what we sow we reap? Like the people of Israel, we ignore
these messages from God at our own peril. But there is mercy for those
who hear His voice and who hope for a New Day when Messiah comes
1. Introduction 3 MINS
2. Hosea 3 MINS
3. Joel 4 MINS
4. Amos 4 MINS
5. Obadiah 4 MINS
6. Jonah 4 MINS
7. Micah 4 MINS
8. Nahum 4 MINS
9. Habakkuk 4 MINS
10. Zephaniah 4 MINS
11. Haggai 4 MINS
12. Zechariah 4 MINS
13. Malachi 4 MINS
Joshua–Esther are known as the historical books, although their main purpose is to provide examples of people and their relationships with the Lord, whether good or bad, and His overarching grace. The books cover about 1,000 years, recounting the conquest and settlement of the Jews in the Promised Land, the transition from local rule by judges to national rule by Kings Saul, David and Solomon; then the division of the nation into northern and southern factions called Israel and Judah; the destruction of the northern kingdom and the captivity and return of the southern kingdom, setting the stage for the coming of God’s Messiah.
1. Introductions to the Historical ... 4 MINS
2. Joshua 4 MINS
3. Judges 4 MINS
4. Ruth 5 MINS
5. I Samuel 4 MINS
6. II Samuel 4 MINS
7. I Kings 5 MINS
8. II Kings 5 MINS
9. I Chronicles 4 MINS
10. II Chronicles 4 MINS
11. Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther 4 MINS
These five OT books—Job through Song of Songs—are the heartbeat of faith. Here we get inside the saints of old and think their thoughts and feel their emotions. But more, we also discover the heart and mind of God as He intimately interacts with them—and with us, as we join these believers from other ages around the Throne.
1. Introducing the Poetry Books 5 MINS
2. Job 5 MINS
3. Psalms Part 1 5 MINS
4. Psalms Part 2 5 MINS
5. Proverbs 4 MINS
6. Ecclesiastes & The Song of ... 7 MINS
Prophets were not people-pleasers. They spoke for God at all costs. “This is a rebellious people, lying children,” declared the Lord through Isaiah (30:9) — definitely not a way to make friends and influence people. But popularity was not the priority for these four men — Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. They called the people to repentance, to turn back to the Lord. Sadly, God's message was ultimately rejected, resulting in the collapse of Israel and Judah. But in the midst of those dark days, these major prophets stood up and communicated divine truths about a coming Savior and His everlasting Kingdom of love, joy, and peace!
1. Introducing the Major Prophets 4 MINS
2. Isaiah 5 MINS
3. Jeremiah Part 1 4 MINS
4. Jeremiah Part 2 4 MINS
5. Ezekiel 5 MINS
6. Daniel 6 MINS
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