Worship's Missing Piece Tom Kraeuter
Worship's Missing Piece
Worship's Missing Piece
Tom Kraeuter
1. Session One 23 MINS
2. Session Two 21 MINS
3. Session Three 26 MINS
4. Session Four 22 MINS
5. Session Five 25 MINS
6. Session Six 25 MINS

Speaker:   Tom Kraeuter
Publisher:   Training Resources, Inc. - 2018
body of christ, relationships, unity, worship
Have you ever considered the possibility that your relationship with others in the Body of Christ could affect your relationship with God? Is it conceivable that our unity could impact our worship?

According to Scripture, there is a direct connection.

In Worship's Missing Piece, author and Bible teacher Tom Kraeuter offers six sessions for small groups, all focused on how our horizontal relationships affect the vertical one. You'll encounter great stories, powerful anecdotes, quotable quotes, and practical teaching, all based on God's Word.

The Participant's Guide (order at www.worshipsmissingpiece.com) offers thorough outlines for each section, as well as discussion questions to help drive home the lessons. And, given the teaching style and the questions, we can pretty much guarantee some lively discussion after each lesson.


Speaker:   Tom Kraeuter
Publisher:   Training Resources, Inc. - 2018
body of christ, relationships, unity, worship
Tom Kraeuter

Why is it that the vast majority of regular attenders of Christian churches don’t know what worship is? And just as importantly, how can we change that? Understanding Worship can be a big part of the answer.

Tom Kraeuter has taught about worship for decades. His vast background—ministering in almost 500 churches of nearly every size, in practically every U.S. state and every major Protestant denomination—he now brings all that background into your living room or Sunday School class to help you more fully understand worship from a truly biblical perspective.

Your thinking will change—perhaps dramatically—but even more importantly, your heart will be changed, too.

Trailer 2 MINS
1. Session 1 14 MINS
2. Session 2 16 MINS
3. Session 3 21 MINS
4. Session 4 18 MINS
5. Session 5 15 MINS
6. Session 6 20 MINS
7. Session 7 22 MINS
In an age where hatred and divisiveness are so prevalent, the Church has an opportunity to demonstrate true unity and love in a profound way. Are we up to the task?

Here’s practical help!

In this series, you’ll discover – with the help of leaders from across the nation – why unity is vital for your congregation, what it should look like and how it can become a reality.
Trailer 5 MINS
1. Session 1 25 MINS
2. Session 2 31 MINS
3. Session 3 28 MINS
4. Session 4 27 MINS
5. Session 5 29 MINS
6. Session 6 25 MINS
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