Come Alive
Come Alive
Come Alive
1. Come Alive Documentary 1 HR 4 MINS
2. Intro 3 MINS
3. Men's Residence 7 MINS
4. Benevolence Center (Food and ... 7 MINS
5. Women's Care Center 8 MINS
6. Pregnancy and Family Care ... 6 MINS
7. Community Medical Care Center 8 MINS
8. Children's Shelter 7 MINS
9. Fresh Start Program 5 MINS
10. Samaritan Inn Family Shelter 11 MINS
11. End Credits 2 MINS
What would our world look like if more churches followed the example Jesus gave us to serve the poor and needy? First Baptist Church in Leesburg, Florida, sought to answer the question over 30 years ago and laid the foundation for what is now the Christian Care Center.

Because of the church's deep commitment to "ministry evangelism," the Christian Care Center has touched lives, restored families, and seen thousands of broken, hurting people come to know the love of Jesus.

The heartwarming story of the Christian Care Center will challenge pastors, church planters, and church members alike to follow Jesus as agents of change in the world by mobilizing their communities to serve "the least of these."

Publisher:   Vision Video - 2018
broken, evangelism, families, hurting people, love of jesus, needy, poor
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