Resilience God Style Robert F. Dees
Resilience God Style
Resilience God Style
Robert F. Dees
Trailer 4 MINS
1. Group Leader Introduction 21 MINS
2. Group Introduction 27 MINS
3. Lesson 1: We Will Have ... 26 MINS
4. Lesson 2: Better or Bitter? 23 MINS
5. Lesson 3: Resilience Life Cycle 21 MINS
6. Lesson 4: BEFORE: The Ounce of ... 23 MINS
7. Lesson 5: DURING: Weathering ... 30 MINS
8. Lesson 6: AFTER: Looking Back 38 MINS
9. Lesson 7: AFTER: Pressing ... 30 MINS
10. Lesson 8: Higher Than Ever ... 30 MINS
The Resilience God Style (RGS) video series is a nine-week video series developed by and designed for small groups, allowing them to grow in resilience and model this for their churches, communities, and beyond. The video series is a combination of relevant Biblically-based resilience teaching, combined with powerful "Profiles in Resilience" which illustrate the principles across a diverse set of life experiences. Each video is approximately 30 minutes.  
  Resilience God Style
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