The Story of Redemption James Nored
The Story of Redemption
The Story of Redemption
James Nored
1. In the Beginning 6 MINS
2. Chaos, Cancer, Death, & God’s ... 9 MINS
3. God’s Common, Everyday Grace to ... 6 MINS
4. Noah and the Ark 7 MINS
5. Abraham’s Faith Response & ... 7 MINS
6. Abraham’s Tent Encounter: A ... 7 MINS
7. The Word Became Flesh 7 MINS
8. Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan ... 6 MINS
9. Jesus Calls His Disciples at ... 7 MINS
10. Christ & His Disciples: The ... 10 MINS
11. A Ransom for Many 7 MINS
12. Jesus is Betrayed 7 MINS
13. Jesus’ Trial Before the ... 6 MINS
14. Christ’s Death on the Cross 7 MINS
15. Christ’s Resurrection & Reasons ... 7 MINS
16. Baptism and New Life 7 MINS
The Story of Redemption Film Series was filmed on location primarily in Israel, with stories of faith from around the world. The series is taught by Dr. James Nored, minister and Executive Director of Next Generation for Christ. The Story of Redemption tells the overall story of the Bible, and it is designed to lead seekers to faith and to strengthen the faith of believers.

The series can be:
• USED AS AN EVANGELISM OR DISCIPLESHIP STUDY - Can be used as either an evangelistic or discipleship study through the use of different number of films and through additional study tools and discussion questions in the different tracks.

• USED IN DIFFERENT FORMATS - Can be used in small groups, Bible classes, worship and other assemblies, family devotionals, camps, and more!

• USED AS A COMMON TOOL TO EQUIP WHOLE CHURCH - Can create a common tool for discipleship, evangelism, and evangelism training in your whole church.

• ENJOYED BY ALL, WITH FILMING IN ISRAEL AND AROUND THE WORLD - Includes filming in Israel at the Western Wall, Sea of Galilee, The Jericho Road, Church of St. Peter (Gallicantu Monastery), The Garden Tomb, and more, and filming on all five major continents.

Visit the Story of Redemption website for the study guide questions for print and download, evangelism and discipleship resources, as well as information about Story of Redemption and Next Generation for Christ seminars for your church.

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