How to Attract & Retain Volunteers William Vanderbloemen
How to Attract & Retain Volunteers
How to Attract & Retain Volunteers
William Vanderbloemen
1. How To Recruit Great Volunteers 6 MINS
2. How To Find & Keep High ... 7 MINS
3. Keys To Nuturing Volunteers 7 MINS
4. How To Gracefully Fire ... 7 MINS
5. Effectively Setting ... 4 MINS
A congregation lives and dies by its team of volunteers. How do you go about recruiting great ones and caring for them in a way that they attract others? William talks with Tim Stevens who wrote Simply Strategic Volunteers about how to build a self-sustaining volunteer development process.  
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  How To Recruit Great Volunteers - Volunteer Agreement

Speaker:   William Vanderbloemen
Publisher:   Vanderbloemen Search Group - 2018
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Great leaders raise leaders up. You know you need to develop leaders, but it takes a lot of time and intentionality. In this session, William talks with both Holly and Tim about practical steps to building a leadership pipeline.
1. Succession & Leadership ... 7 MINS
2. Leadership Development: Up or ... 5 MINS
3. Identifying High Capacity ... 8 MINS
4. How To Grow & Develop Staff ... 8 MINS
5. How To Reward Your Staff 8 MINS
6. How To Have Hard Conversations ... 11 MINS
7. Identifying Who To Promote ... 9 MINS
8. Leadership Development: Pour ... 8 MINS
William Vanderbloemen
William and Tim discuss why staff reviews are so difficult for church leaders. How do you reward or reprimand someone based on the spiritual health of a church? How do you review a friend who isn't cutting it? These are hard questions, and William and Tim tackle them in this session.
1. Why Staff Reviews Are Difficult ... 6 MINS
2. The Mechanics Of An Effective ... 7 MINS
3. Determining An Effective ... 9 MINS
4. Creating Bonus Structure For ... 7 MINS
William Vanderbloemen
What would it look like to practice total life stewardship? We've seen far too many pastors have to resign over the past year because of burnout. Tired pastors make mistakes.

"Work-Life Balance" is a phrase that is used often, but what does it mean and how do you practice it? William walks through work-life balance, what we call "whole life stewardship." by giving you practical steps towards it as well as reasons, both biblical and experiential, to implement it.
1. Introduction To Avoiding ... 5 MINS
2. How To Set A Daily Rhythm 10 MINS
3. How Successful People Start ... 9 MINS
4. How To Manage Your Day ... 4 MINS
5. The Importance Of A Sabbath 7 MINS
6. The Myth Of Work-Life Balance 6 MINS
7. Being Intentional About Annual ... 7 MINS
8. Finding Your Own Avocation 8 MINS
In 2016, we conducted a survey of over 2,000 ministry leaders, and we learned that the #1 ministry challenge they face is leading change.

In this session, William talks with Holly about the biggest mistake he made as a pastor-improperly leading change. He moved too fast and helps church leaders understand how speed can dislodge trust.

You will learn practical steps for how you can effectively lead your team and congregation through change.
1. Introduction To Leading Change 4 MINS
2. Create A Sense Of Urgency 8 MINS
3. Unlock The Church's Past 10 MINS
4. Build The Right Team 7 MINS
5. What To Do With Oscar The ... 11 MINS
6. Effectively Communicating For ... 5 MINS
7. Choosing Your Battles Wisely 10 MINS
Many church leaders aren't taught the legal risk that comes with running a church. In this session, David Middlebrook of the Church Law Group shares his advice for every church leader on how you can protect your team, yourself, and your congregation.
1. Legal Implications Of Housing ... 9 MINS
2. Mitigating Risk In Children's ... 11 MINS
3. Reducing Risk Regarding ... 12 MINS
4. Who Owns Your Sermons? 12 MINS
William Vanderbloemen
When is it time to prune?

This is never a happy topic, but a necessary one. How do you discern the proper time to prune and proper time to guide? William walks through this rather tough lesson and how to fire with truth and grace.
1. How To Know When It's Time To ... 5 MINS
2. When You Have To Fire In An ... 12 MINS
3. Firing A Friend 8 MINS
4. The Steps To An Effective ... 11 MINS
5. Navigating Severance Packages 6 MINS
Millennials are lazy. Millennials are entitled. Millennials don't respect authority. I hear these phrases all too often from church leaders. Yes, millennials are much different than any generation before them, but I've found that they are a highly motivated and eager generation that's on fire for building the Kingdom.

Millennials are now officially the largest generation in the workforce, and church leaders must be equipped with how to effectively lead and motivate them.

My team at Vanderbloemen Search Group is 68% millennials, and it's been incredible for me to watch God use them in exciting ways.
In this lesson, I'll teach you practical steps to how you can lead and motivate the millennials in your church.
1. Introduction To Millennials ... 1 MIN
2. The Importance of Understanding ... 8 MINS
3. How Millennials Are Changing ... 2 MINS
4. Managing Up As A Millennial 10 MINS
5. Conceptions & Misconceptions ... 10 MINS
6. The Secret To Motivating ... 6 MINS
7. Succession Planning & ... 7 MINS
8. How To Retain High Capacity ... 8 MINS
9. A Lesson In Agility 6 MINS
Your culture can make or break the growth of your church. A toxic culture can bring a church down, and a thriving culture can propel a church into its next level of growth.

So what is culture and what should yours look like? Beyond the decorations, beyond the coffee bar, how do you build a culture that attracts talent and, in turn, people to your services?

It starts with knowing your values and driving those values through everything you do as a team. Vanderbloemen Search Group was honored to win the 2015 Top Company Culture award in the Small Business Category from Entrepreneur Magazine. We've learned a lot over the years as we've tried to build a culture where our team is thriving.

In this lesson, I'll teach you the practical steps to building and maintaining a culture that is contagious, inspiring your team to growth.
1. Introduction To Building A ... 1 MIN
2. Why Is Culture So Important? 1 MIN
3. Know Thyself 8 MINS
4. How To Build Your Cultural ... 7 MINS
5. Driving Culture Into Your ... 9 MINS
6. Building A Culture of Healthy ... 7 MINS
7. How Office Space Influences ... 4 MINS
8. How To Turn Around Toxic ... 2 MINS
William Vanderbloemen
One of the biggest challenges church leaders face is leading effective meetings. I see so many church leaders waste hours of their week in pointless meetings.

Your meetings are longer than they need to be and you should be accomplishing more. Meetings are expensive, so make sure you get the most out of them.

I'll teach you the practical steps to leading effective meetings that serve you, your team, and your congregation well. Learn how to lead meetings that aren't tolerated but celebrated!
1. The Importance Of Effective ... 8 MINS
2. Types of Staff Meetings 9 MINS
3. The Value of All-Staff Meetings 5 MINS
4. Effective Leadership Team ... 7 MINS
5. Leading One-on- One Meetings 9 MINS
6. Leading Committee Meetings 9 MINS
7. Tools For Effective Meetings 11 MINS
William Vanderbloemen
Hiring is an art, not a science.

I believe that people problems are the #1 impediment to the local church realizing its full potential.

In this session, I'll teach you what I've learned about hiring by conducting over 800 pastoral searches and interviewing over 10,000 candidates.
1. Introduction To Hiring Course 5 MINS
2. The Basics Of Building ... 8 MINS
3. Internal Vs External Hires 9 MINS
4. How To Interview Effectively 7 MINS
5. The Importance of Paying Fairly 4 MINS
6. Bonus Video: Interview Tips 7 MINS
The truth is that every pastor is an interim pastor. Succession has been a taboo topic for far too long. Smart pastors are planning for their succession early because they know that it is essential to the long-term health of their church.
1. Introduction To Succession ... 12 MINS
2. Setting A Healthy Pace For The ... 10 MINS
3. Preparing An Emergency Envelope 8 MINS
4. How To Effectively Save For ... 8 MINS
5. Setting Your Own Annual ... 6 MINS
6. Succession & Leadership ... 7 MINS
7. Sharing Teaching & Leading ... 11 MINS
8. Preparing Beyond The Baton Pass 7 MINS
9. When It's Time For Succession ... 3 MINS
10. Leadership Development: Up Or ... 5 MINS
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