Different by Design Rodney Cox
Different by Design
Different by Design
Rodney Cox
Trailer 2 MINS
1. The Mystery of Differences 54 MINS
2. Danger in Differences/The Law ... 28 MINS
3. Problem Solving Together 30 MINS
4. Processing Information Together 16 MINS
5. Managing Change Together 20 MINS
6. Facing Risk Together 12 MINS
7. One Plus One Equals One 1 HR 5 MINS
Discovering Uniqueness - Developing Unity

God calls us to live as one in our marriages. The trouble is that we tend to attract someone very different than us in our relationships. Why is this? What if these differences are designed to protect your relationship not hinder it.

There are four inescapable areas of differences that every couple will encounter. These areas are problem solving, processing information, managing change, and facing risk. These areas seem to drive a wedge in more relationships over than than any other. The conference will open your eyes to God's divine design for differences.

Please Note: Sessions 2 and 3 are included together in Session 2 here on RNM, therefore the session titles for Different by Design Sessions 4 through 8 correspond to RNM session 3 to 7.  
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Speaker:   Rodney Cox
Publisher:   Ministry Insights - 2012
change, conflict, husband, information, marriage, ministry insights, problem, risk, wife
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