Genesis: The Business Workshop John Beehner
Genesis: The Business Workshop
Genesis: The Business Workshop
John Beehner
1. Introduction...Building a Solid ... 14 MINS
2. Introduction...Building a Solid ... 11 MINS
3. Introduction...Building a Solid ... 14 MINS
4. The Character Test: Section 1 10 MINS
5. The Character Test: Section 2 8 MINS
6. The Character Test: Section 3 9 MINS
7. Finding Your Moral Compass: ... 10 MINS
8. Finding Your Moral Compass: ... 8 MINS
9. Finding Your Moral Compass: ... 9 MINS
10. The Spiritual DNA: Section 1 11 MINS
11. The Spiritual DNA: Section 2 9 MINS
12. The Spiritual DNA: Section 3 9 MINS
13. The Dual Citizenship: Section 1 10 MINS
14. The Dual Citizenship: Section 2 10 MINS
15. The Dual Citizenship: Section 3 8 MINS
16. Separating the Wheat from the ... 11 MINS
17. Separating the Wheat from the ... 8 MINS
18. Separating the Wheat from the ... 5 MINS
19. Refining Silver and Gold: ... 10 MINS
20. Refining Silver and Gold: ... 11 MINS
21. Refining Silver and Gold: ... 5 MINS
22. Grace Full Business: Section 1 10 MINS
23. Grace Full Business: Section 2 9 MINS
24. Grace Full Business: Section 3 13 MINS
25. Building Relationship Capital: ... 11 MINS
26. Building Relationship Capital: ... 14 MINS
27. Building Relationship Capital: ... 5 MINS
28. The Inside Job: Section 1 11 MINS
29. The Inside Job: Section 2 8 MINS
30. The Inside Job: Section 3 6 MINS
31. Corporate Responsibility: ... 11 MINS
32. Corporate Responsibility: ... 8 MINS
33. Corporate Responsibility: ... 6 MINS
34. Fight Like Heaven: Section 1 10 MINS
35. Fight Like Heaven: Section 2 9 MINS
36. Fight Like Heaven: Section 3 7 MINS
37. The Trinity Models: Section 1 9 MINS
38. The Trinity Models: Section 2 9 MINS
39. The Trinity Models: Section 3 8 MINS
Welcome to Genesis: The Business Workshop

At the end of our life, our mission is to stand before the Father and hear Him say, "Well done, Faithful Servant." Hopefully, this series will help you achieve what the Lord wants and expects from you in your business success and personal life.

Genesis has been over 4 years in the making. Hundreds of hours in writing the scripts, hundreds of hours in filming, hundreds of hours in editing and re-editing, and hundreds of hours in finding the images, pictures and video clips to birth this workshop.

The research and inspiration for this series came from years of practical experience working with CEOs helping then grow their businesses. From studying the Bible and recognizing the parallels, patterns of success and failure from God's eternal design.

The goal of Genesis is to:

1. Encourage and inspire you to seek our Creator and His manual, the Bible, for the answers to your business success.

2. Create a process for fellow believers to encourage each other in an atmosphere of mutual learning and sharing where ultimately "iron sharpens iron," in the spirit of "wise counsel."

3. To help you find the practical leadership and management applications for being fully successful in your calling, based not on a "good plan," but the "God plan" of the Lord's destiny for you.

Statement of Clarity

This video series contains stories and examples of people and businesses to illustrate how biblical principles are the best guide to building long term success. We are not attempting to hold up or portray the leaders or organizations we use as illustrations as individuals without fault or that they are a "best" example of groups who adhere to biblical standards.
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