Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2017 Larry Fowler
Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2017
Legacy Grandparenting Summit 2017
Larry Fowler
1. Session One 34 MINS
2. Session Two 29 MINS
3. Session Three 45 MINS
4. Session Four 54 MINS
5. Session Five 44 MINS
6. Session Six 44 MINS
7. Session Seven 34 MINS
8. Session Eight 48 MINS
The Legacy Grandparenting Summit is a national conference for today's Christian grandparents who want to be inspired and equipped to pass their faith on to their grandchildren.

Grandparents play a unique and profoundly influential role in the lives of grandchildren-second only to parents-yet they are one of the most underserved groups in the church. Today's grandparents don't consider themselves to be "seniors" in the traditional sense. They are generally healthier and more vital than any other generation of grandparents in history. 21st Century grandparents are just as likely to be rocking to their favorite tunes as they are to be rocking in their favorite chairs.

The Legacy Grandparenting Summit is designed to equip and encourage this generation of active grandparents to stay connected and involved with their grandchildren in positive and powerful ways. Through nationally known speakers, breakout workshops and an extensive resource center you'll find encouragment, teaching, and inspiration.
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