Missions Table Seasons 2
Missions Table Seasons 2
Missions Table Seasons 2
1. Refugee Crisis 32 MINS
2. Does Child Sponsorship Really ... 34 MINS
3. What Makes a Compassion ... 28 MINS
4. How Should Followers of Christ ... 34 MINS
5. Can Business as Mission Finish ... 29 MINS
6. Do Mission Agencies Hurt ... 35 MINS
7. When is Safety an Obstacle to ... 36 MINS
8. Special Episode - Rethinking ... 48 MINS
Are your church's global efforts being shaped by missions assumptions or by Biblical missions convictions? Come join us at The Mission Table.

It is said that one of the reasons churches don't do missions well is because they have not thought about missions well. Half-truths, assumptions and even myths can often influence how the Church engages in her God-appointed work of discipling all nations. The Mission Table is intended to create tension in the heart and mind about missions so that churches can appraise whether some of their current missions practices are being shaped by Biblical missions convictions or by missions assumptions, half-truths or even myths. The Mission Table places 'poor thinking about missions' in its crosshairs because we believe that a critical examination of missions thinking and practice leads to a more Biblical, strategic, leveraged deployment of time, talent, and treasure.
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